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Vitamin a not digesting

submitted on 8 March 2010 18:50
i am almost 33 yrs old female i weight 153pounds most of my weight is on my stomach and legs.whenever i eat anything that is high in vitamin a and potasium i get gas pain and burnings and heavines...
tags: Vitamin

Dry skin

submitted on 8 March 2010 18:39
my hands and legs are too dry they look very flaky i do not know what nutritional deficiency may cause this no matter what lotion i use it comes back can you please suggest everything possible to b...

Natural cure for sebaceous cyst

submitted on 2 March 2010 12:32
i want to know pranayams, remedies and natural cure for sebaceous cyst. Pls. reply ASAP.Thx
tags: Cyst

Sebaceous cyst

submitted on 24 February 2010 19:19
i am diognosed with sebaceous cyst on my armpit from ultrasound. i want to know any pranayams and remedies to cure it naturally without cutting it externally. doctor said it could be sweat gland or...
tags: Cyst

Does ayurveda n yoga cure sebaceous cyst?

submitted on 12 February 2010 21:54
Is there any cure for sebaceous cyst developed under the armpit in ayurveda? Please also prescribe some asans/yoga along with ayurveda for this cyst. Thanks

Pranayams when havinig period

submitted on 10 February 2010 0:50
can you tell me which pranayams are safe to do during monthly menstration (period).

Lump under the armpit

submitted on 30 January 2010 4:51
I have noticed a lump of bigger than bean size under the armpit. How can I remove this lump?
tags: Lump

Burnining in right leg

submitted on 27 January 2010 12:49
since about year, after i eat and when my body starts forming stool my right leg's upper back thigh and it's buttock burns and the pain sometimes moves too .alot of timesi feel like if th...

Looking for veggie medicines

submitted on 6 January 2010 10:26
You prescribed me Himalya's Lasuna and shuddha guggulu for cholesterol. The thing is the capsules has gelatin case and usually gelatin is a by-product of animal fat. I would like to have pure ...
tags: Gelatin

Dosage and quantity is not listed on the web

submitted on 5 January 2010 3:59
i saw Shilajeet SAt on your web and its doses is 1-2 drops daily twice a day and the bottle is 20gm and i need to know 20gm is equal to how many drops SWarn Makshik Bhasmas dose is not written it s...
tags: Dose


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