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Spider veins on testis and perineum area.

asked by Rajroy5060 on 5 September 2018 12:34
Iam 23 male and suffering from vericocele grade 1 but after that i strted getting pain on the veins besides my testis and and below it in perineum area i observed its is like a spider veins which are small n visible its giving pricking like sensation n mild pain please suggest me remedies and... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Varicose veins are larger dilated veins and spider veins are dilated smaller veins lie more closer to the skin. Please consult your nearest doctor who will be able to guide you better. Chronic progressive varicose veins tends to cause symptoms like pain, swelling and also will affect the function of the testes. In that case, surgery will be an option to correct it and avoid further complications. .. Read more

Cure for vericose veins

asked by Prriyanka on 30 January 2017 12:43
Age 43 years, female. Increasing varicose veins. No medical history. Married, two children( normal deliveries). Proper sleep.vericose veins started after first pregnancy (20 years ago). Proper menstrual pattern. Doing pranayam since 4... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Varicose veins commonly appears during pregnancy and remains after that. With proper life style changes, it can be maintained without increasing further. But it causes pain, itching and stiffness in some of them. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to increase the circulation. Please do have regular checkups as advised. Ayurvedic medicines like Sahacharadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml boiled and warm water.. Read more

Ayurvedic Treatment of varicose veins

asked by Svetlana on 25 April 2016 19:47
My son was diagnosed with varicose veins, he was for 24 years. Today accept punarnava, manjishta, gokshura and in the proportion of 5: 3: 3 and gotu kola 1 capsules (475 mg) 2 times a day, morning and evening. What else can you add from Ayurvedic medicines to strengthen the blood vessels, reduce swelling veins to stop the process of change. Thank... Read More
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Varicose vein

asked by inder91 on 3 April 2015 22:07
Mam,I am a Mbbs graduate,24year old.suffering from varicose vein behind corona of glans penis due to trauma due to a cricket ball since 6 months.urologist is asking me to go for surgery.whether it is possible to treat it by Ayurvedic medicine? If yes kindly enlist the... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Injury in the glans penis may cause varicose vein based on the intensity of the injury. Corona of glan penis refers to the circumference of the penis which is seen as a projection in the base. The susceptibility of injury to the penis and scrotum are more as they are not protected by bones. The treatment will be based on the symptoms and most of them become better with mild analgesics. So medicines.. Read more


asked by PIYUSH JAIN on 9 June 2013 11:01
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Expert's Advice (Dr.George):- Dear Friend, Wishes from my yoga. I understand it as cracked heel ulcer. I think it is not a pressure heel ulcer. Pressure heel ulcers occur mainly in bed ridden patients only. You problem can be considered as a skin problem. If it is an ulcer first treat it with an antibiotic and allow the ulcer to heal. Once it is healed never allow the problem to reccur in the same.. Read more

Ayurvedic treatmnet for Vericose ulcer

asked by mklanka on 30 November 2012 17:33
Sir, I am a lady aged 36 years and weigh 115kg. Of late I got varicose ulcer. I am suffering for the past 1 month and doctor advised me to go for surgery. I am afraid of the same and need your advise regarding the treatment in ayurveda. I also have thyroid problem and taking 100mg Thyronorm every day. I do not have BP and Sugar. Kindly help me thank you Savitri... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Probably you are in obese category though you did not mentioned your height. Due to your obesity complaint, there may be chances of torsion of blood vessels and there may be delayed or problematic venous return and that is why you are suffering from varicose ulcers due to varicosity and by not taking proper care and more over your obesity condition. If it is compulsory to undergo surgery.. Read more

Varicose veins cure

asked by madhavi rajesh on 26 June 2012 10:20
Please suggest medicine for varicose veins for my husband. ekangaveer ras and vatagajankusa ras is prescribed by doctor ,he has used them for 40days. But still it is not completely cured. Is there any alternate... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Varicosity is explained when there is no proper blood circulation which is called as venous return which is hampered due to varicosity. Though there are surgeries for varicose veins. If they are mild to moderate, then one can choose alternative medicines that include ayurveda, siddha and other system of medicines. You can apply medicated oil in upward directions. There are internal.. Read more

Varicocela both side

asked by kunal kishor on 13 February 2011 13:20
i have varicocela from 8 month and i feel both the tests so much pain and the doctor said you have varicocela both side . and the doctor advised me operation or surgery and i am fear the operation . so that if any treatment with help of yoga please help me kunal E mail... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Varicocele could be bilateral or unilateral or in different grades starting from mild or grade I to Grade IV, and in most of individual unitlateral or left testicular Varicocele is common and in your case, if it is severe or more than grade III then surgery is advised. So, if it is mandatory, you have to undergo surgery. As we are not sure about your age and your marital status, and if you.. Read more

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