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Can i consume ashokarishta?

asked by Vini yaduwanshi on 16 July 2018 14:40
Hlo sir,i am 18 years old .During periods i suffer from unbearable pain although my periods are regular and continue for 4-5 days but in normal days there is discharge of white sticky liquid. ..... so can i consume... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Dysmenorrhoea is seen due to the constriction of the blood vessels in the uterus mainly due to the harmonal changes. You can take medicines like Asoka aristam - 20ml after food twice daily and Dhanvantaram gutika - 2tablets twice daily after food for a month and reviewed. Asoka aristam need not be continued after 3months and make sure that your menstrual cycle is regular. It can be taken thrice.. Read more

Menstrul problem

asked by sonak on 25 April 2013 1:34
sir i have irregular menses, and PCOD problem. my period comes once in three monthe.. and heavy bleeding.. does not stop on its own.have to take oral contraceptives everytime. my periods going on now..10 th day stilll bleeding.. what medicine shud i regularly take.. plz advice me with diet and yoga execise.. and also how to stop excessive... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.George):- Dear sister, It is clear from your letter that the problems which you are facing now is due to PCOD. The associated symptoms are which you said in the letter As far as excessive bleeding is concerned you can manage that with STYPLON tabs (himalaya company) 2 tabs twice daily during the days of heavy bleeding. The tablet is only meant for excessive bleeding only The.. Read more

Starting my menstruation

asked by springfairy on 4 February 2013 12:44
Dear Doctor, I was supposed to get my periods on 2nd Feb, but i got food infection and on 1st Feb and had to take injections and medicines. My last dose was on 2nd Feb evening. During this time i had brownish discharge, but my actual period flow has not started. Please suggest some medicine to start my period so that i can be clear by Sunday, 10th... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, There are many chances that you may have excess heat in your body and there may be discharge problem. So, you ensure that everything is fine with other parameters like bowels and urination, so that you can assume that food infection is normal. So, as of now, if your periods are stopped, wait for another cycle and see if you are getting regular periods and then you can contact with doctor for.. Read more

Delayed pereiod problem

asked by mouj on 5 December 2012 17:58
hello doctor! my period delayed for 5 days from my cycle, now i want my perios immediately, so what med should i use or take to get my peris today or tomorow.. pls... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, There is nothing to worry about your delayed periods if it is happening rarely or once out of six cycles. Most recently researches say that due to immense work pressure or any kind of stress and anxiety may lead to triggering of menstruation or delay of menstruation. So, it is important to understand your body type and if you are suffering from irregular menstruation, it is better to consult.. Read more

Irregular menstruation

asked by maanvi on 12 November 2012 21:46
Recently, i have missed my periods for 1 month.... before, it was regular but since 1year, whenever i have severe illness(fever), my periods became irregular... is there any serious problem?? can i have ASHOKARISHTA? i am 24 yrs... Read More
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Irregular menstruation

asked by sana on 31 October 2012 1:19
hello, i m 24 years old and 5.3 inch height and 35kg. my periods start in 15 days and does not stop. 15 to 20 days non stop bleeding. what can i do plz... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Geetika):- Menstrual cycle is different for every woman. Usually bleeding occurs for 4-7 days normally. A change in hormonal level is common cause of uterine bleeding. This is called dysfunction uterine bleeding. The other causes are uterine fibroids,adenomysis,cirrhosis,thyroid disorders,PID,SLE,endometrial hyperplasia, stress,change in diet,Polycystic ovarian disease etc. Firstly diagnosis has to be made. You.. Read more

Periods,motaapa and khujli

asked by aayana on 25 September 2012 19:17
hi,m tripti.. mjhe 2 months se periods nai horhe hai,aur mai moti bhi horkhi hu,kamar se,pet se.mujhe niche peshab wali jagah pe khujli bhi hoti h n pani bhi nikalta h .mai ashokarishta,rajaparvrtini,medhohar vati ye med. le rhi hu.kya ye thk hai med ? aur iske sath aur kaun si med. leni padegi.? plz reply... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As you are suffering from irregular periods and unusual discharge per vagina and over weighed condition, there are certain treatment methods from ayurvedic point of view, and before that, you need to consult gynaecologist for proper evaluation. If there is any hormonal imbalances and any uterine problems like ovarian diseases or fibroids, those should be evaluated. Following medicines are.. Read more

Menstruation problem

asked by aayana on 18 September 2012 21:34
hi,mai tripti 20yr old mujhe 2 mahine se periods nahi horhe hai.plz suggest me... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As you are suffering from menstrual irregularities, it is better to undergo certain tests like blood tests, ultrasonography to rule out any underlying problems which is very important to solve. Usually, there would be delayed periods or missed periods when there is any hormonal imbalances and such as thyroid related problems, or PCOD which is very common and causes irregular periods. You can.. Read more

Irregular period

asked by ssara on 23 July 2012 1:26
sir i m 21yr old nad married ..i m suffring from irregular plz help wht i can do nd how i can make it... Read More
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Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Charak's M2 Tone and Ashokarishta are effective ayurvedic medicines for irregular periods, one can try these for sure... Read more

Problem with irregular mensuration

asked by soni2 on 22 September 2011 12:10
Babaji namaskar, I am facing problem with irregular perios. it normally delays 2 months or sometimes more. This problem is with me since i was in 7th std. I had already checked the thyroid ,it comes out to be normal. my wieight is also been increasing inspite of my having normal diet. Recently i have started facing difficulty in breathing also. Pls suggest. I am 24 yrs old.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Greetings from, Irregular periods do occur due to many factors in different stages of life which may need medical attention when the irregularity increases in repeated cycles. Usually after attaining puberty, there may be changes in cycles which can be ignored. If it continues for long term, you may need to undergo proper check-ups with gynaecologist. If there is any.. Read more

Menstruation ayurvedic medicine

asked by kowsalya on 12 May 2011 10:01
Namasthae Panditji, I have urinary infection and my periods are delayed while I am on fertiliy treatment u recommended. Please let me know why is the periods delayed I have blood tested which shows negative pregnanc. Please... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello , You are undergoing fertility treatment. During fertility treatment there will be a change in the hormone level. Whenever the hormone level in your body changes, then there are chances for going through an irregular menstrual cycle. This delay in periods has practically nothing much to do with your urinary infection. As far as urinary infection is concerned, i would suggest you to take.. Read more

Can kapalbhati be done during menstruation

asked by Rimpy on 29 April 2011 10:31
Please give advice on can kapalbhati be done during... Read More
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Baba ramdev scanty menstruation

asked by Manish Nautiyal on 13 March 2011 11:41
Please give advice on baba ramdev scanty... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Hyperthyroidism may affect your fertility, but if your thyroid levels are managed with medicines and are under control the chances to affect are generally less. So please take your medicines and do regular checkups. Hyperthyroidism affects the release of the egg which is for fertilisation. So with proper care pregnancy is possible and with regular checkups the risk of miscarriages can be prevented... Read more

Aniyamit masik dharm

asked by Amit Gupta on 18 February 2011 11:57
I need information on aniyamit masik dharm, I require information on this ASAP so please post your reply... Read More
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Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- M2-Tone is an effective medicine of Charak which helps in irregular periodsShatavari is also very beneficial in all types of women disorders and very good health.. Read more

Divya stri rasayan vati for menstruation review

asked by Rimpy on 19 January 2011 18:57
Would like to have information on divya stri rasayan vati for menstruation... Read More
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Menstruation disorder

asked by shobhaa on 14 October 2010 16:33
hello sir, i am 23 unmarried 45kg. 5-3 inch girl.during past 2 years i was suffering from great tension, i used to tensed eyerytime & start crying on small things.From last 2 years there was decline in my periods duration. it was normal earlier but from last 2 yrs. it decline to 4 days, 4-3, 3, 3-2,2 and now only one day and for few hours and very less bleeding with pain.plz tell me the... Read More
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Menstruation pain

asked by shweta g on 30 September 2010 1:04
I always suffer back pain and joints pain during periods. kindly give me the solution for the same.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, During menstruation, there may be low backache, abdominal cramps, due to muscular contractions while menstruation period Depending up on bodily constituency, there may be menstrual cramps that cannot be bearable, and it may happen more likely in lean women. Even due to sedentary lifestyle, and irregular food habits, there may be hormonal abnormality and may suffer from menstrual cramps If.. Read more

Regarding Polycystic overy Disease

asked by vsbhargavi on 31 August 2010 10:13
HI Sir, This is Sudha.I m 24 years old.My height is 5.2 and weight is 56.From start of my period cycle,its irrgular.I tried all possible types of medicine like English medicine,Homeopathy,Ayurvedic. Its not showing any difference.If i will have medicine,then i will get my periods otherwise not.For this reason my mood will swing always.Even nw a days i doing yoga... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, There are many reasons and factors for irregular periods. If there is any physical illness or hormonal imbalance, there may be irregularity in periods. Since you mentioned regarding PCOD or polycystic ovarian disease, this may be a reason for your irregular ovulation. However, with the help of ayurvedic medicines we can make your uterine function healthy, so that you may get regularity in.. Read more

Dosage of menstruation

asked by geeta on 12 August 2010 2:38
dr.vijay i know that i hav troubled u alot but wat should b the duration for how many months i hav to take these medicines.thankyou and wat is the continuity pattern thanx a lot... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello madam, Initially, you need to consume these medicines for three to four months. Later on, depending up on progress and result, you can gradaully reduce the dosage of the medicines For more details, you can contact us with.. Read more

My daughter is 20 yars sill no period

asked by man on 31 July 2010 20:23
My daughter is 20 yars sill no... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Missed periods are having many reasons, so please consult gynecologist for more details With.. Read more
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