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Hemophilia ayurvedic treatment

asked by Jolyane on 20 May 2011 12:09
I need information on hemophilia ayurvedic treatment ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
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End stage renal disease-esrd

asked by tanvi on 25 February 2011 19:57
my father age 54 years is diagonised with esrd..reason high blood pressure his creatinine initially was 8...then reduced till 5.4 with medicines..he also started pranayama[anulom-vilom,kapalbhati] and ayurvedic medicines advised by a patanjali doctor in ponda goa...but still his creainine increased again to 8..also swlling in legs and excess water in on dialysis since 3weeks.....please... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As your father is suffering from end stage renal disorder and that is why there would be chances of hypertension and increased creatinine levels and for your understanding, there are no medicines for reversal of the condition and however, to maintain proper functioning of kidneys, one can consume certain medicines from herbal origin with the concern of ayurvedic doctor by consulting ayurvedic.. Read more

Hypertension could not take medicine due to side effect

asked by Guest on 10 February 2011 22:44
I am 27 yrs. old hypertension detected 7 month ago, and irregular headeche in one side of temple. Dr. prescribed divya muktavati and medhavati but it creates nasal congestion in the night create difficulty in sleeping and continues till... Read More
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Kidney disease

asked by daffron on 8 February 2011 1:29
My wife 50 years old has creatinine 2.8, BUN 35, Potassium 5.2 and Phosphorous 4.8. Hemoglobin 11. She used to have high blood pressure but it is normal with allopathic medicine. I read some people saying their kidney functions have improved after takingb your kidney medicines. Somewhere you say that herbal medicines can harm too. I am really confused. Can you suggest what to... Read More
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Acid reflux and high blood pressure

asked by ricecake on 2 January 2011 10:32
which of your products treat acid reflux and high blood pressure effectively? female (62), have barretts esphogus mucosa, take HTZ for blood pressure, but it isn't... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, There are several solutions for acidity and hyper acidity in ayurveda. The best products available are given in our website. You can use Acidity/Heartburn ayurvedic medicines with the dose and time as given in the website. Barretts eosophagus is a matter of concern and please take care so as it does not get worsened. Avoid food which is too much spicy, sour or bitter especially when empty.. Read more

Blood in urine

asked by ramn on 10 December 2010 0:59
Im 26 old male from UK and have an problem which doc's here struggle to find. Only after intercourse first urine is blood then goes lighted next urine and disappears in about 3 urines. After that no more blood or infection found in urine. Strangely after masturbation there is no blood, doc's cant understand this. I have also been suffering from constant constipation since this problem.... Read More
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Distributorship for Patanjali medicine

asked by satnarayansingh on 8 November 2010 10:54
Respected Swami Ramdevji, I Sat narayan Singh from Jahangir Purit (New Delhi) would like to inform you that I always prefer ayurvedic medicines rather than alopethic treatment as alopathic medicines are only preventive not a curative course, but sorry to say you that threre are no source of good ayurvedic products at our place. So I wish to know that is there any option to take distibutership of... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Please contact pathanjali yogpheeth for more.. Read more

Congestive Heart Failure & Cardiomyopathy

asked by free2day on 28 October 2010 23:37
I suffer from CHF & Cardiomyopathy along with severe high BP. I've taken Vati for high Bp and it work somewhat but gave my heart problems. Do you have an herb that will strengthen my weaken heart (weak pulse) and low volume output? My Ejection Fracture is 15%. Some... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As you are suffering from congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy, you need to consume regular allopath medicines and in order to improve your effective cardiac functioning, you can follow ayurvedic medicines and other Indian medicines and alternative therapies that may help for better cardiac functioning There are recent researches that help you to maintain proper cardiac functioning Few.. Read more

Blood cancer

asked by manoj kumar on 4 October 2010 15:36
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, At this stage i would recommend you to have a combination of both allopathic and ayurvedic treatment.So, at first you will hav eto consult the child to the nearest oncologist and start treatment Blood cancer is broadly classified into 3 types as leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma. You will have to enquire on which type of blood cancer is your child suffering from.All treatments beginning.. Read more

Patanjali Medicine distributership

asked by kuldip on 4 September 2010 17:51
respected SWAMI JI, Parnam. SWAMI JI i wish to get the distributership for Patanjali Yogpeeth Medicines. Kindly suggest the way. with regards. Kuldip ... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- For more details, you can contact patanjali.. Read more

Joint Pain Due to Increase ESR

asked by niranjan on 18 August 2010 23:10
Babaji Namskar, Now days MY joints are paining due to increasing ESR .My ESR rate is 99 cmm so how to reduce by yoga and which yoga is best and its... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, If there is any kind of underlying infections which are chronic or acute, may reflect in ESR raise One has to identify the underlying reason for high ESR. Usually, this may be due to early stages of arthritis, or arthritis, rheumatic fever, etc may lead to raise in ESR Follow proper diet and avoid the foods which may aggravate the condition. Avoid oily foods, spicy foods etc By undergoing.. Read more

Kidney Disorder

asked by silkaline on 2 August 2010 20:05
Dear sir, my mom is 64-years-old and last month when we test her blood, creatinine was 4.2 and urea was 49, she started ayurveda medicines and pranayam then after 15 days, creatinine was 3.3 and urea was 102, again after 15 days, creatinie was 2.8 and urea was 62.. and 1 month ago, creatinine was 2 and urea was 57..then after 15 days creatinine was 2.4 and urea was 68 and now.....creatine is 2.5... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, With the help of ayurvedic medicines, and yoga, your mother is having good improvement. So you can continue the same treatment along with few additional medicines and diet and measures As diet is very important to keep kidney function well As there is a common rule that the food should be high in calories and low in protein and reduced potassium. Hence you need to reduce oily foods, avoid.. Read more

My father needs help from you guru ji

asked by kislay on 20 April 2010 6:46
Guru ji, MY self kislay sharma, Actually my father is suffering from multiple myeloma disease (its a kind of blood cancer), His age is 63 . i am here to find the treatment, i will be heartly thanks full to every one if some one can suggest the correct treatment. i trust on baba Ram dev and his yoga treatment . i strongly trust that only baba Ram dev only help me out. So please i am requesting to... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Refer and contact pathanjali yog pheet for more details and appointments with.. Read more

Cronic kidney failure

asked by babi on 8 April 2010 10:19
My mother is 57 years old. she is suffering from cronic kidney disease and was doing dailysis from 3 months and now we stop dailysis and taking baba ramdev medicine from 1 month because dailysis make her very weak and paining. Her creatinine level is 8 and uria is over 100. Urine and stool is passing well and not swelling but she is not eating well and vomiting cough. Please give me advice what to... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As your mother is suffering from chronic kidney disease and has undergone dialysis. Keeping this condition in view, and more over her creatinine and urea levels are 8 and 100 respectively, she needs proper attention while depending up on alternative therapies There are certain medicines from ayurveda and other system of medicines which can be used safely Other best way is to maintain.. Read more

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) - a type of Blood Cancer

asked by Chandu on 3 February 2010 12:37
My friend was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) - a type of Blood Cancer- in November, 2007. I have been undergoing treatment for the above said disease since then under the supervision of Dr. SVSS Prasad, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad and completed B.Tech 2nd and 3rd years in distinction. The treatment was going fine till Oct. 2009 when the doctor noticed that the disease has... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As your condition is related to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and you are under treatment and you are going to get bone marrow transplant and at this moment, it is better to proceed with allopath medicines and allopath care whereas after getting recovered you may try to consume certain ayurvedic medicines which help you to regain immunity like consume wheatgrass juice is good and you may.. Read more

Blood Sugar.

asked by arun2053 on 30 January 2010 6:22
I have blood sugar for last 15 yrs. Though I take medicines regularly I am not able to keep it under control. Now I like to have your treatment. Pls. advice so that I am able to keep it under... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Diabetes is a condition that results in increased sugar (glucose) levels in the blood. As the body produces insulin, which helps lower sugar. Deficiency of insulin can lead to increased sugar in the blood. Please try to understand these tips:: * Sugar, artificial sweeteners and excess honey. Try to avoid foods containing ingredients end in (ol) or (ose) as these are mainly different forms of.. Read more
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