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Avn Hip joint jammed

asked by Arihantbaid on 15 August 2018 23:27
From 2010 may I got problem in left hip joint dr diamond the problem is arthritis, due to financial problem in 2012 we stopped all treatment not Hip joint is completely jammed and As per latest Mri and x ray it is Avn pls suggest some best treatment to get cure soon, and share your email id ao I can share my report and x-ray film, the gap between the joint is almost nil is it... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The treatment of avascular necrosis is based on the stage and the intensity of the damage to the hip joint. Surgery becomes the last option if the pain is not controlled and it is based on the mobility of the joint. Please send me all the reports to guide you further Medicines like Sahacharadi Kwath- 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, MahaYograja guggulu-2tablets twice daily before.. Read more

Avascular necrosis of right hip joint stage3

asked by Vasant786 on 24 December 2016 11:31
Sir, I am 29 year old male, I have been suffering from joint swelling and pain from 5 years at the different parts, but since one year I am having pain in hip joint and difficulty in walk as per MRI suggested by doctor I dignosed with avn stage 3 right hip joint as per doctor it can not be cured and surgery may required in future , I have done all the related blood tastes but didn't find... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The course and progression of the symptoms in avascular necrosis varies in each person. The symptoms like pain and swelling are see due to the reduced blood supply to the bone. It is very common to see this damage in the head of femur. So the first line of treatment will be to reduce the pressure on the affected joint. This will help to prevent further damage and will help to reduce the.. Read more

AVN regeneration of femur boll

asked by Rajekta on 18 October 2016 17:46
Sir my self 37 year young male suffering from fracture of femur neck after an accident from 22nd June 2016 I admitted in hospital where Dr operated my femur neck and repair with 3 screw till date fracture is not filled (rejoined ) fully and my femur head is drying .he told me that if your femur head is not recover within two month then we have an option of ball replacement. But I don't want to... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Avascular necrosis of the femur is seen in some following surgery. If the circulation is impaired in the femur head completely, there will be the onset of necrosis affecting the function of the joint. In that case surgery has to done to correct it. Anyhow it is very important to reduce the pressure on the affected area, otherwise it will lead to complications. At this point, I would suggest you to.. Read more

Bone related problem

asked by santosh kr pandey on 29 June 2016 15:53
Sir, 1. i am suffering from AVASCULAR NEUCROSIS (both hips ) since last 15 yrs.ealier pain was more in left leg but now it is more in right leg .starting from both hip to knee. 2.I was daignosised having HEPATITIS ' c'.tell me wether treatment is available at Patanjali Vidyapith or not. if yes, then how to get... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Avascular necorosis develops gradually due to the impaired blood circulation to the bone. Initially there will not be more pain and when the condition progresses there will be pain even at rest. So medicines must be taken regularly to protect the joint especially when the bony ends are involved. It will collapse the joint due the to destruction of the bone Ayurvedic medicines like Guggulutiktaka Kvath.. Read more

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