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Ankylosing Spondylitis medicine list

asked by anky spon on 17 May 2017 7:43
I' m 33 female suffereing from ankylosing spondylitis for last 10 year although detected 3 years back. I was prescribed sazo initially 3 times a day then when it soped to work alone indocap Sr also included. I had to take 4 sazo &1indicap in one day still was unable to walk when get the pain. one month back, to test if ayurveda suits me, i bought some patanjali product and started having.... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Ankylosing spondylitis refers to a type of arthritis where the inflammation of joints of spine occur with a characteristic backache and stiffness of the backComplete cure of ankylosing spondylitis is not possible but with ayurveda the further progression can be prevented and symptomatic relief can be achieved over a period without developing any dependency on medications1.Continue the use of.. Read more

Ankylosing Spondilitis

asked by Subhom on 18 January 2017 16:50
Heello,I am Subhom Das,22(male) years old.I have been suffering from intermittent pain since the age of 17.At 19 years, I was tested for HLA B27 and it was found to be positive.I did not take any traditional treatment till then but I had taken pain killers to manage pain.At 21 years of age,when the pain had become unbearable and the pain killers also did not work,I consulted a Rheumatologist and he... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Yes, the pain in ankylosing spondylitis will be severe. You can take Ayurvedic medicines along with the Ayurvedic medicines. As it is an autoimmune condition, there will be remission and flareups. These medicines will support to reduce the inflammation and also will help to relieve the pain Medicines like Guggulu tiktaka Kwath- 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Divya Vatari.. Read more

Ankylosing spondylitics

asked by bks on 17 August 2016 11:21
I am 25 years old married male. I am suffering ankylosing spondylitecs diseases (positive) last 2 years. no family medical history in this diseases. Please advise Patanjali (Baba Ramdev)medicens for this... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Ankylosing spondylitis is an inflammatory disease due to the immune system commonly attacking the joints. It is inherited due to a variation of the HLA B-gene. Even though, it has a link with heredity, it is not seen in everyone with the genetic mutation. It is triggered by some external factors in those with genetic mutation. Ayurvedic medicines like Sahacharadi Kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water.. Read more

Ankylosing spondylitis

asked by rajeshwar on 5 July 2016 20:05
Sir I am rajeshwar singh and 38yr old. I suffer for ankylosis spondylitis last 2003. and HLA-B27 positive found in 2006. my hole back are suffer in pain 24hr. kind help me sir for living best life.... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The pain due to ankylosing spondylitis will be severe as it is an autoimmune condition. Please let me know the other blood reports to guide you further. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken initially and then Ayurvedic treatments like streaming oil, kati vasti, oil massage, leaf poultice and vasti will be effective to manage the pain Ayurvedic medicines like Guggulu tiktaka Kwath- 15ml with 60ml of warm.. Read more

Ankylosing Spondylitis

asked by manyog on 21 March 2016 10:05
Sir i am an 48yr old male sufferring from Ankylosing Spondylitis from 1991.Initially I was on SAZO 500 then SAZO 1000 twice a day, with Microcid 25 (indo methacin) once a day. From March 2015 , i have started Infliximab Injections 300mg every 8 weeks. Now that has also stopped working. I have tried Mannol tablets by Charak during last 2 months but i have a doubt that, that has increased my... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Sulphasalazine and indomethacin are used to treat inflammatory conditions. Infliximab injection is used in autoimmune conditions. The response depends on the chronicity and the progression of the problem. It affects the spine and usually pain starts in the lower back extending to the neck. It is more commonly seen in younger age groups. Please do have regular checkups with your treating physician CRP.. Read more

Ankylosing spondolytis

asked by annnu on 15 November 2015 23:14
I am 32yr male suffering tomuch neck,lower back,hips pain and stiffness in these. Blood report HLA B27 is positive.i took alopathy treatment now doctors said gofor surgary both hips replacement.pls guide me what i do is there any treatment without... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Ankylosing spondylitis is an autoimmune condition which affects the spine and commonly the sacro-iliac joints. The pain usually starts in the lower back and neck pain will also be seen. It is more common in young male adults. It is treated based on the symptoms. Surgery is an option when the pain is not managed by medicines. Ayurvedic medicines and treatments including oil massage, pizhichal, navara.. Read more

High ESR and CRP

asked by Vini1981 on 7 May 2015 20:44
Hello sir, I had my blood test six months back and I had my ESR 80 n CRP 24 n then Doc put me on Anti-inflammatory (Mobic) and after 3 months my ESR brought down to 32 n CRP 6.9..and then I started taking Anti-inflammatory 2-3 times a week instead of everyday.i got my test done a week ago n found my ESR 47 and CRP 13.have you got any medicine to bring it down as I have tried Ayurvedic and... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- ESR and CRP are nonspecific marker to indicate inflammation. ESR is the rate at which the red blood cells sediment in an hour. CRP is the protein that is released by the liver to the blood due to an inflammation. The normal ESR below 20mm/hr and CRP below 5mg/dl is suggested as normal levels. There are no specific medicines to reduce them. It will reduce when the source of inflammation is.. Read more

Ankylosing spondolitis and osteoporosis

asked by Vivek93 on 16 July 2014 11:54
sir I am male aged 23. I had been diagnosed with as 8 months back though the symptoms existed from long time around 8mts + 12mts..recently I am unable to walk and have severe pain 24*7 specially in my left hip joint because osteoporosis hs taken place there.. I am taking folitrax 7.5 mg once a week and myospaz forte twice daily.. my life has come to its worst..please help me pls.. people ask me to... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Saurabh):- Dear Vivek Ji, Please don't get hopeless!! As you very well know that this is an auto immune disease in which the immunity of your body starts fighting against you and making the condition worseFirst of all,take Maharishi Amrit Kalash to stop further deterioationSecondly always use Anu Tail as nasal drops, two drops in each nostril at bed time. Dont' push your body for over exertion as it is.. Read more

About ankylosing spondylytis dasease.

asked by dkpandey on 24 June 2014 17:19
I am 36.male. unmarried.appetite less. Good sleep. Blood pressure right. Urination good. Diet morning and evening. Test HLA B -27 POSITIVE.Both hip joint space reduced.cervical pain.knee pain .souldier pain and spinal also any any surgery. Deaease ankylosing spondylitis. Sir , tell me about suitable medicine for... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Ankylosing spondylitis has a great tendency to follow in families. Those with HLAB27 are more prone and get the problem whereas some of them with the gene do not get any symptoms. It is a systemic disorder which commonly affects the spine including the back and the neck. It involves other joints also. Other symptoms like loss of appetite, fever, fatigue are also present. But there are effective.. Read more

Ankylosing Spondylitis

asked by pankaj13 on 28 May 2013 11:16
Suffering from ankykosing spondylitis ,detected since two years,age 37,taking homeopathic medicines,no genetic problem, also doing exercises daily . symptoms: stiffness in spine ,neck region ,hip joint, pain low back area & strong pain in rt leg ,problem in walking, bending, restricted head movements. i want to know if there is some treatment or any medicines by which i can be... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, As you know, ankylosing spondylosis is an inflammatory disorder seen affecting joints and peripheral structures.The exact cause of AS is not well known, but it is seen as per research that habits like smoking and genetic factors are huge contributors Here i suggest you certain medicines as an initial line of treatment Simhanada guggulu - 1 tab thrice daily after foodHingwashtaka choornam - 1.. Read more

Problem in right hip joint and backache.

asked by ANUBHAV on 10 February 2013 16:01
I m 20 yrs old male. I have lower back pain espacially right side. My pain in back was started 7 yrs back when i was 60kg in weight. Pain was not continuous and severe in early days which easly get relieved by taking some allopathic painkiller. But during last 4 years it has been continuous and severe.In begining I got consultation with allopathic doctors who gave painkiller and dignosied it as... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear You need to take extra care when you eat something and after that if pain increases then you should avoid those food items like rice,matar,rajmah etc. which cause gas formation specially if eaten at night Drink only warm water and avoid cold climate always,if possible avoid sitting in AC. also.keep the back covered with warm cloth always the best therapy regimen for you will be Panchkarma ,round.. Read more

How rilif my back pain?

asked by yogesh1981 on 28 November 2012 11:14
Namaskar!guruji My name is yogesh and i am 32,i am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis for 5 yrs. pain in back,neck is often stiffed,joint pain is also there,shoulder also pain. What yogic practices and ayurvedic medicines do you... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Ankylosing spondylitis which is referred to inflammatory disease that can cause vertebral column to fuse together due to which there may be muscular spasm and makes the spine immobile sometimes or there would be restricted pain and limits the movement, and flexibility will be less. So, in ayurveda, we have to focus on few things like correcting the abnormality with herbal medications and with.. Read more


asked by madhusud on 10 October 2012 13:39
Dear Sir, I am suffering from this disease past 5 years, currently I am taking Tablet SAAZ 500 mg in the mooring & SAAZ DS in the night past 5 years(after food). Now I am free from pain. But, I am bit scared about the side effect of this medicine & I am planning to change to effective Audrey medicine. Pls. suggest me which is the good medicine for my... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As you are suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, it is better to follow allopath medicines as supporting and in order to reduce the inflammation and to maintain proper immunity power, you may wish to continue ayurvedic medicines or herbal medicines or other alternative therapies which are important. There are Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments which are helpful for you condition such as vasti.. Read more

Hla b-27 positive

asked by akash1991 on 28 March 2011 11:22
sir, i,akash, suffering this desease from about 9 months.firstly it started with swelling and pain in left knee with some fever.after certain investigations doctor found that it is t.b. it meditate its full course of 6 months. but untill now it is not recovered. at this time i have pain in left knee and right shoulder. and another right shoulder is also some investigations doctor found... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Akash first of all please relax. It looks like that Tb infection has spread to bones WHAT you are describing are somewhat similar to Rajyakshma according to Ayurveda. I would like to know if you have some kind of Dreams, how do you see your food ,your appetite, hair fall if any etc. Now we need to plan your treatment approach and we may expect some positive results. Diet : What you need is.. Read more

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