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Albumin present in urine

asked by Bhuvi Sharma on 20 May 2018 16:36
My mother 64 year old has uti problem two years ago she got treatment in pgi and got injection . Infection was cured but it returned and albumin was present in urine Many type of antibiotics were given but she got reaction to every tablet. By some advice we started giloy ras and patanjli go dhan ark. But still that infection is not going pus cells are coming in urine. Kindly suggest some ayurvedic... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Urinary infection tends to recur due to the residual same organism. Other factors like drinking less water, delayed voiding, wearing tight undergarments could also trigger an urinary infection. Maintaining good hygiene will also be beneficial. Medicines like Bhrihatyadi kvath- 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Bangshil for Genito Urinary Tract Infections and Divya Chandraprabha.. Read more

Albumin ++ and Uric Acid 9.0

asked by manavushaa on 3 January 2017 13:19
Hello Doctor, In the month of April 2016, undergone PCNL surgery for kidney stone removal. Its is uric acid stone measuring 2 * 16mm on right side kidney. After surgery till now my kidney functioning and creatinine, liver function test was normal. Blood sugar level was normal, border line cholestrol. Recorded with BP of 150/100 when i am diagnozed at clinics, when i am measuring at home, even the... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- White coat hypertension is seen with high blood pressure only in the hospital mostly for the first time. Therefore blood pressure is diagnosed after repeating for more than 3 times. If the blood pressure is more than 140/90mHg, it is necessary to take medicines to control it along with healthy lifestyle changes. Albumin in urine is detected due to impairment of the function of the kidneys. It is.. Read more

High albumin ratio in urine

asked by Myquestion on 28 September 2016 9:11
Hi Doc, Greetings of the day! My sister has high microalbumin creatinine ratio in random urine. She is married and 32 yrs old and her menstruaral cycle is normal. There are no family history related to this issue. So far no medication started as still doctors are analysing the problem. Kindly suggest if she can start with Ayurvedic medicines to cure this problem. Thanks... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The albumin in blood increases when the function of the kidney deteriorates. Microalbuminurea is also known as incipient nephropathy. The albumin creatinine ratio must be less than 30 and when it is higher than 30-300, it is considered as microalbuminurea If it becomes more than 300, it is known as overt nephropathy or macroalbuminurea. Please let me know the results to guide you further. It is.. Read more

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