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How to overcome on sluttering

asked by Jitu999 on 28 August 2013 7:04
Sir, i am a boy & i've a problem of sluttering. When i speech the words can't be come from my mouth... And i would to be face many problems in collage and daily life, so please give me a medicines or how can i overcome on... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Hello, Thanks for the inquiryStuttering is a speech disorder in which the person prolongs words, syllables or phrases. The person may also stop during speech and make no sound for certain syllables. Stress and fatigue make it harder. When relaxed it will decrease. Stuttering does not reflect a person's intelligence or personality. A lot of highly intelligent world known persons like Isaac.. Read more

Stuttering Problem

asked by piyush7 on 25 May 2013 13:19
Hello, My uncle has stuttering problem. His age is 55. He is very active in all routine activities and full healthy. Please suggest some yoga exercise and ayurvedic... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear he may do all sorts of pranayam which will help him a lot ,Yoga Pranayam voees syurp with vidyarthi amrit, these syrups have herbs which help improve articulation and improve sense perception and improve the response also Ask him to never take cold foods, eat fresh and warm foods, fill mouth with warm sesame oil and keep till cold and then spit out ,this will also improve his.. Read more

Strammering problem

asked by gaurav500 on 9 September 2012 21:31
hello, sir i have strammer problem,,, pls some some suggestion in my id ga****** any... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Stammering is disorder where an individual stutters and difficulty in uttering particular letters or particular words and difficulty in speaking. There are many possible reasons such as any anatomical abnormality, and if there is any brain related issues, there would be chances of stammering problem. There are certain herbs which are helpful for improving speech. The best drug is Vacha or.. Read more

Sir m hindi k word bolne m problem hoti hai and word clear nahi niklte ha..

asked by shubhamjain on 1 February 2012 23:23
namste sir,m 19year old student hu.sir meri problem hai ki m hindi bolne m haklata hu and m hindi k word (ex. s bolne m kabhi-kabhi jaldi m fa bol jata hu.aur m bahut jaldi-jaldi bolta hu.sir mujhe hindi na bolpane ka reason se m english bhi pure nahi bol pata hu..sir plz help me m ek student hu..and mujhe koi ayurvedic medicine mail kar do and uses...sir mujhe dr lagta hai ki m kahi awaz ki bajay... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As per your given complaints, it is clear that you are suffering from stammering or stuttering and if there is any connection error in central nervous system, that is with speech center and even if there is any anatomical deformity with the organs which are helpful for production of speech. In your case, as you are mentioning about particular letters which you are not able to present, there.. Read more

Haklana solution

asked by Nitesh sharma on 14 July 2011 12:08
Sir, may I request information on haklana solution ?, I am thankful to... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Stuttering do occur in few individuals with many etiological factors which has to be analysed properly. There may be errors in speech centres or any other portions which controls speech and even if there is any tongue problems, there may be chances of stuttering. Few individuals face difficulty to utter specific terms or letters. The ways of treatment would be different in modern system of.. Read more

Haklana treatment by homeopathy

asked by Nitesh sharma on 10 June 2011 12:08
Sir, may I request information on haklana treatment by homeopathy ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Arindham):- Hi Well here we can suggest ayurvedic way what all we can do for the problem of Stammering In case of stammering so many different things are to be performed collectively First and the foremost thing is to read newspaper or any book loudly.This is very important Consume honey and also some herbs like take yashtimadhu once a day Some pranayama like sheetali, anulom vilom to be done Some ayurvedic.. Read more

Wht are the solution of stukig probleam haklana

asked by Manish Nautiyal on 11 May 2011 10:20
Hi Sir, I need advice on wht are the solution of stukig probleam haklana ?, thanks! very... Read More
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Any tab or powder for cure stuttering through swami ramdev ji

asked by Luella on 6 May 2011 11:20
May I request information on any tab or powder for cure stuttering through swami ramdev... Read More
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Haklana ka tretment hindi

asked by Preeti mishra on 19 March 2011 11:27
Respected Sir, I seek advice on haklana ka tretment hindi ?, thanks for your... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Hakalana apni juban ke control se thik ho sakta hai. Iske liye pranayama aur yoga karna chahiye. Self control aayega bahoot jaldi aur haklana thik ho.. Read more

Ayurvedic medicine for haklana

asked by Nirvana seeker on 17 February 2011 11:43
Would like to have information on medicine for... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- One can practice pranayama for stammering / haklana treatment. Generally people stammer when they are nervous, pranayama builds self confidence and improve nervous.. Read more

Stuttering ayurvedic medicine

asked by sarada on 8 December 2010 17:52
Dr., My son is 11 years old and he started stuttering from the age of 6 years. initially, it was not much. few days he used to struggle, and few days he was quite normal. we were guiding him not to have anxiety, relax etc. but, now a days it is increasing more. he stutters more while answering questions, while talking to other people etc. while talking general topics he will be fine. please suggest... Read More
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Haklana ayurvedic medicine

asked by Guest on 24 November 2010 14:01
me haklane ki samasya se paresan hun.i am sunil 28 year old. meri problem solv karo. apnei family me sirf me hi haklata... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorders that may originate from anatomical deformities or any disturbances from brain signals and centres that assist speech. After identifying proper root cause, it can be solved with multiple medicines and with combined therapies and sometimes, if they are suffering from anxiety or stress, or any other symptoms like blinking eyes rapidly, lips, jaw.. Read more

Suffering from stammering & lack of confidence

asked by jai gupta on 16 October 2010 19:00
Dear BABA JI i m suffering from stammering from childhood now m 24 years old & have lack of confidence please tell me ayurvedic medicine & yogas to remove stammering & improve my confidence to be successful in my life .otherwise i will come to you and survive whole life in ur ashram bcs i cannt live with deases in world. m very very thankful to u baba.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Stammering is a disorder that affects the flow of your speech and also called as stuttering. This may occur since birth and acquired and due to anxiety, stress, any kind of drug abuse, past history of major illnesses etc. There are some associated complaints or symptoms such as rapid movements of lips, eyes, and jaw. Even if there is any anatomical abnormality with speech producing organs.. Read more

Suffering from haklana

asked by ricku on 20 July 2010 13:42
sir/mam Iam suffering from haklana from last 27years.I cannot speak properly.because of this sickness my life has become miserable.please... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Stuttering or Stammering is a disorder that affects the flow of your speech. There are many reasons like anxiety, stress, any kind of drug abuse, past history of major illnesses etc There may be difficulty in speech with words sound longer than they should be, difficulty in pronouncing new words, getting tense when you try to speakThere may be other symptoms like blinking eyes rapidly, lips.. Read more

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