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For increasing height

asked by michael on 7 August 2017 20:34
I want to increase my height from 5 to 6 inch. I am 17 year old my height is 5ft 2inch. By which product incrised my height. Please send details. Thank you... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Height is majorly a genetic determined factor where the height can be increased by 2-3 inches by the age of 21 years in males and 18 years in femalesAfter wards since no growth in bones occur thus no change in height can be achievedAyurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- 1.Speed high capsule- two capsules twice a day after meals with luke warm water or milk2.Height plus capsules- one.. Read more

For increasee sex power and weight gain

asked by Tarun.bahl on 24 April 2017 1:35
Hello doc I want to weight gain and also increase my sex power for that i am taking patanjali shatavri ashwandha churna and safes musli with luke warm milk before sleep Please suggest me these 3 herbs help me to increase sex power and weight... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Shatavari churan- Shatavari is cooling agent with nutritional values and anti aging effects. The above properties help in relieving the physical tiredness of body and thereby increasing the muscle mass.Since it has a cooling action, it acts as a nervine tonic thereby helps in attaining a proper sleep which improves the muscular strength of the body. It also acts as a aphrodisiac and improves.. Read more

Sharp pain in the ankels foot

asked by samsher on 19 January 2017 20:28
I am just 42 eat healthy home food,I have had jaundice twice weak liver and I feel thirsty all the time. Lot of pain in the knees and foot area i also get high BP... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Since there is a history of jaundice twice, polydipsia which is feeling of excessive thirst or drinking fluids is normalIn case of weak liver or recovery from liver disease hydration of body is essential as flushing of toxins by liver is facilitated by keeping body hydrated.6-8 glasses of water alongwith other fluids should be taken along with fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent any liver.. Read more

Height Increase - Pre-teen

asked by Kavanahoove on 2 November 2016 5:48
Dear Doctor, My daughter is 12 years old and her height is 4.2ft. Weight is 24kg. Please guide some tips and medicines to increase her height. Health is good. (Info: Menstruation not yet started) Parents height: Father:5.5, Mother 5.1. Please... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- There will be a growth spurt during menarche in girls with a height increase varying between 5-10cms. The height stops around 15yrs increasing further. So a healthy diet and exercise will help to favor a height gain. It is based on the heredity and there could be slight variations in some of them. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to improve the metabolism thereby favoring an increase in.. Read more

Shilajit usuage

asked by Vijaybha on 15 May 2016 13:04
I am from Chennai ,Age married and no child in 4 years. Don't have sugar, BP or anything also family. I did semen analysis normal count is around 40 to 45 mln and mobility is around avg of 40%. My wife having problem in egg growth...and under treatment. My friend suggested to use Shilajeet capsule and Shuddh Shilajeet (RT) liquid daily to improve body strength and semen....will it be... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr. Spoorthi):- Hello, The ovulation and spermatogenesis both has to be improved. Ayurveda has very good treatment for egg growth. Along with that proper diet is also necessaryProgesterone , follicle stimulation hormones have an important presence on egg or ovulation. Shilajith will helps in nourishment and strengthening the reproductive system which will also help in egg growth.Along with that you can also include.. Read more

Prefer me any patanjali medicines to increase my height

asked by pls help on 4 August 2015 22:00
I am 18 year old girl and my height is 4.9 ft and my weight is 36kg. My every single class mate is taller than me... I really feel shame about myself. I do surya namaskar at very irregular times. Pls suggest some medicine(ayurvedic) patanjali products plssssss... Tis will be grate full to me thank... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- It is not possible to increase height with medicines alone as it also depends on the hereditary factors also. Your BMI which is 17 indicates that you are in underweight category. So medicines like Height Gain Ayurvedic medcines and Aswagandha lehyam - one tsp before food twice daily for 3months and then reviewed. Basically, height depends on the family history but there are chances to improve it till.. Read more

Increase Weight

asked by ydk on 10 June 2015 10:56
Dear Sir/Madam, I am Ashish kumar, i'm 23 third year old, i have a meager problem, my problem is my weight not increased. my weight is in this time 46Kg. i want to gain my weight, healthy & stronger body. So please Sir/Madam give me a idea for increase my weight, healthy & Stronger Body. Thanking You Yours faithfully Ashish... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- It is necessary to know your height to have a rough idea about your BMI with your height and weight. If there are no known health issues like harmonal changes including thyroid problems, you can take Ayurvedic medicines that will help to improve the metabolism and will also increase your weight. Ayurveda mentions that a stress free happy mind will also support to gain weight. Pranayamam and.. Read more

Bow legs and height increase

asked by ted on 2 June 2015 21:50
I am 18 years old female. I have slight bow legs. Is the surgery only option to treat bow legs or there are any yoga exercises to treat these?? Another question i want to ask is i am 5 feet 3 inches tall. My height has stopped increasing since 3 years. Is there any possibility to increase height through yoga exercises at the age of... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- As Bowlegs is a structural problem and considering your age, surgery will be required to correct it based on the curve. Surgery is usually advised if it is involved with blounts disease where the curvature will be more visible. As concerned with your age, the long ned of the bones fuse around 22yrs and you can try some stretching exercise which will be beneficial. The peak increase in height stops.. Read more

I am a girl aged 23 height is 5'1 and weight is 54kg.i m taking no current medication for it and suffer from no illness.menstrual cycle is regular.i take balance diet with daily exercising.unmarried.

asked by sanaya on 27 April 2015 15:51
my height is 5'1 and i want to increase it by 3 inches minimum..please i want an effective ayurvedic medicine. i have not taken any medicine for it earlier and in real need.going through depression due to my short... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Some people may look shorter as they will be overweight. Your BMI is in the normal range indicating a healthy weight. So continue to maintain a healthy weight. It is not possible to increase the height with medicines. The growth of the long end of the bones fuse around 22-23yrs and stops increasing the height. The height depends on the family history and also the nutrition. But diet or exercise that.. Read more

Breast increase treatment

asked by ruhi sharma on 6 April 2015 16:02
hello i am 23 yrs old diet is full fat is normal in body but my breast is my family no one suffer in this problem all is good looking...please suggest me a safe treatment for this and i d'nt want more fatty..only increase my breast ... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The growth of breasts which occurs during the period thelarche stops around 18yrs. Thereafter the size of the breast remains the same in size. As with Ayurveda, the medicines are classified as nourishing and depleting the tissues. So to increase the breast size nourishing medicines which will also increase your body weight helps, but you can take medicines that will not increase body weight more. The.. Read more

Increase Cholesterol level

asked by Amit R on 5 August 2014 16:12
My cholesterol level is increase, Could you please suggest ,how it will be control... Total Cholesterol 214 Triglcerides :- 191 HDL : 36 LDL :- 139.80 VLDL:... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- It is very important to have a control with the values of cholesterol. It is a major risk factor for cardiac problems. So if there is diabetes and blood pressure, the cholesterol values must be maintained below the optimum levels. Cholesterol is produced by the liver and also from the food we eat. So it is essential to follow healthy life style changes in diet and exercise. If this is your first.. Read more

Increase Weight & digestion

asked by hardz on 19 January 2014 20:36
Hello Doctor, I am 29 male married with 5:7 height and weight fluctuate 53-55 kgs. Couple of problems; 1 Want to increase weight (too slim) 2 digestion power week, less hunger, 3 Gas problem (smells really bad). 4 Eyes feels sleepy (m having 8-9 hours sleep) n nw having vision problem (weak vision) from last 3mnths. 5 loss of energy and imbalanced mind (wavering mind) and cant concentrate much... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Ayurvedic medicine treats by considering the person as a whole considering his mind also. So the foremost thing is to have consultations and follow ups regularly which will help you. As of now rather than taking medicines for all complaints, start with Abaya aristam + Vasa aristam - 25ml after food thrice daily, Talisapatradi churnam - 1tsp with honey 4-5 times daily after food, Asta churnam - 1tsp.. Read more

Stammer and Weight Increase

asked by ऋषि शुक्ला on 28 September 2013 8:32
नमस्कार, Sir ji My name is ऋषि शुक्ला, and i am 20 years old, my hight is 6 feet and wight is 59 kg, sir i am very confuse in 2 years ago i have 58 kg and after 2 yearsame and no development in personality, i want a complete solution to increase body personality. and sir i have a problem also stammering my few words like as क ख ग घ and my pronunciation is... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Hello, Thanks for your inquiryAccording to your height, your weight is low. Since it is growing period it is possible to gain weight easily if you concentrate on your diet.First do a deworming. Then start taking Asta churna 1 tsp with warm water half an hour before food if possible or twice daily before food. Take Desamoolarishta 25 ml after food twice daily.After taking these for 1 month, start.. Read more

Height increase

asked by soha on 22 July 2013 16:42
hello i am female my age is 18...i didn use any medicine 4 increase my height .once i used but only 4 one month then i left i...i dun have any disease jux want 2 increase my height..when i go to college thn i sleep 4 7 hours or 6..i did some exercise thn left cause there waz time problem i want 2 increase my height in one month 2 inches i get tired after sumtimee dun no... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.George):- Dear friend, Epiphyseal plates situated on the end of the bones are responsible for increase in height. Once these end plates are closed growth will automatically stopped. As your age is only 18 there are a lot of possibilities for increasing your hieghtEnd plates will close at the age of 25 only. Exercise is a must in improving hieght. It will helps you to look slim also. Do have.. Read more

Height increase and tummy slim

asked by on 11 June 2013 22:02
Namaskar, I am 28 years female, height 5.2 and weight 5.5, I would like to know the medicine and yoga's for increasing height and also for reducing my tummy and acidity. Thanking you in... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.George):- Dear sister, Epiphysis which are present in bone ends contribute bone growth. These epiphysis will close at the age of 25. There is also a genetic part for hieght. Those who's parents are short siblings will also be short. The hieght which you are mentioned here for you is a decent one. You start with surya namaskar. The best yoga for acidity and gastric problems is vajrasana. It will.. Read more

Height increase

asked by hawk on 6 January 2013 11:29
Sir,my age is 18y and my height is just 5.3 and i suffers lots of difficulties due to that,, pls prescribe me some medicines & i am also ready to do some exercise along with medicine,,kindly help... Read More
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For low sperm count,

asked by gati on 23 August 2012 18:44
i heared in ramdev baba's one of video that, we should use , SHATAVAR, ASHVAGANDHA,WHITE MUSLI, 5 SEEDS OF KAUNCH, i need the quantities of these medicines to make a powder, pls help... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As you are willing to consume the combined medication it is important that you should met eligibility criteria and accordingly the medicines are taken. However, the medicines which are mentioned by you should be taken as follows. Ashwagandha churna, Shatavari churna, Swetha Musali in equal quantity that is 50 grams each and you can add Mucuna pruriens or kaunch beej around 10 grams of.. Read more

Height increase

asked by hansaagarwal on 13 August 2012 11:50
I am from dehradun. My Height is 5fit & My Husband Height is 5'8". I Have Twin child. They are 12 years old. But Height is not increase. Boy is 129 cm. & Weight is 25 & Girl is 132 cm & Weight in 24 How can increase height. They are so small another children please suggest Homeopathy medicine. Mob : 92######19 Please reply... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Tadasana and sarvangasana are good for height gain for children but they must be practice and learned from good yoga.. Read more

Increase my eyesight

asked by dipak on 12 December 2010 14:24
i am 24 yrs old eye sight is right -5.0 & left -3.50...and i wear spake when i watch TV and when do work in computer...plz suggest how can i increase my eyesight...plz reply... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, First of all, thank you so much for writing to us. Your eye sight is getting weaker and should be given utmost care. There are several remedies you can do to improve your vision. Drink carrot juice or eat carrot everyday which will serve the purpose. Secondly, give rest to your with eyes closed and place a piece of cucumber on each eye closed for 15-20 minutes. Do eye exercise regularly... Read more

Increase my eye sight

asked by dipak on 12 December 2010 14:23
my eye sight is right -5.0 & left -3.50...and i wear spake when i watch TV and when do work in computer...plz suggest how can i increase my eyesight...plz reply... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear EYE sight may be problem due to excessive Screen watching or Nutritional deficiency You should avoid the screen , should use if only necessary to work, should relax, Eye splashing while mouth is filled with water 3 times a day will be helpfulDo it after having meals also apply oil on feet while sleeping ,its also considered to be good for eyes eye Medicine pack have medicine for eyes Do yogic.. Read more
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