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My uric acid level is more it's 6.7

asked by Subhashdoulthabad on 26 November 2017 17:27
Weight 84kgs,age 55 ,bp normal, no sugar,wake up at night 3/4 times for urine,no allergies to any medicine sleep sound n normal taking English medicine from a month no swelling when I keep my feet on floor in morning , during day time when I get up and stand on feet I haven pain still so request for medicine of pathanjali &remeady for gout Thanks n... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Please let me know the value of ESR and uric acid to guide your further. Following healthy lifestyle will help to manage the condition without flareups. Medicines like Kokilaksha Kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Yograj Guggulu - 2tablets before food twice daily and Uriclear capsules can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Arthrohills Ultra Oil Joint care can be.. Read more


asked by saisha on 18 November 2017 1:22
I m 24 and an unmarried girl. My periods started at right age 14 and everything was going normal till 20 but after that it got irregular. My reports show thin endometrium 3.5mm. I tried allopathy, homeopathy as well as Ayurveda but it didn't work for me and now from 5 months I am getting boils on my abdominal body area. What should I do? How will I get marry if I will not have my periods... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Irregular periods is seen due to hormonal balance. Please send me all the investigation reports to guide you further. The endometrium has a vital role for fertility and hence these medicines can be taken to improve the endometrial thickening. Regular periods indicate a healthy reproductive system and hence it is necessary to normalise periods Ayurvedic medicines like Sukumara Kwath - 15ml with 60ml of.. Read more

About baby fair home remedies

asked by Vars on 15 November 2017 16:30
Hello sir vars .I have one daughter of 2months sir colour become dull or dark.pls tell me any home remedies.about how to get fair skin for a... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The color of the skin depends mainly on the melanin present in the skin based on the genetic influence. So the color is decided by the genes and hence medicines will not alter it. But general skin healthy measures can be taken. Gentle sun exposure is necessary and too much exposure may darken the complexionBabies are generally born with a pinkish tinge and as the circulation improves the original.. Read more

Plz tell remedy to cure psoriasis completely

asked by vishali on 19 September 2017 19:22
Sir .my father hv psoriasis from last 10 to 11 years ago .age of 49.he hv red patches on elbow .ankles .and hv little bit dandruff on scalp.the drink bittergourd juice .apply aloevera on affected area .aply termeric powder.but it dosnt helps alot . plz suggest some remedies to cure it... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that increases the normal turnover of skin cells. So there will be flareups and remission of the symptoms. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken internally to reduce the itching and moisturising with medicated oil or moisturiser will help to reduce the symptoms. Due to the nature of the disorder, it is better to manage the condition with some healthy lifestyle.. Read more

Hydrocele for my kid

asked by srinivasns on 6 March 2017 0:27
sir, my son was 1and 1/2 year old having minimal fluid in left side scrotum .please tell me medicines to said surgery required.please tell me medicines to cure... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Hydrocele is the accumulation of the fluid in the testes which makes it look bigger. In kids, it is left untreated until one year as most of them disappear within 1yr. So surgery is advised after 1 yr to clear it. The testes descend from the abdomen to the scrotum and it is sealed clearly. If it is not sealed properly there will be accumulation of fluid in the testes leading to hydrocele. In.. Read more

Ayurvedic Medicine for Asthama

asked by chittaranjan on 19 November 2016 16:28
My mother age of 68 years, suffering from severe Asthma. She is very weak and having low Blood Pressure. Please advice us name of medicine to help her in to gain strength and protect from... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The inflammation of the airways in bronchial asthma causes vasoconstriction leading to dyspnoea. Ayurvedic medicines can be given to reduce the phlegm and ease the breathing. Gentle exercises and eating healthy food will support for a better metabolism. Please do have regular checkups Ayurvedic medicines like Kanakasava, Asthomap Tablets for Asthma and Divya Chyawanaprash with Saffron can be taken for.. Read more

Suffering from PCOD from last more than 6 yrs

asked by Ruchika Rawat on 3 November 2016 22:02
Hello Dr. my age is 26yr, unmarried. i am suffering from PCOD from more than 6 yrs. my periods are missed some time or if they come then flow is very low with blood clots, but some time periods will come with full flow with lot of stomach pain and back pain. menstrual date is not fix when periods are missed then may body and stomach get frustrate and give uneasiness tightening all time. because... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Pcod is a common problem that causes weight gain, irregular periods, hair loss and tiredness. Insulin resistance will be there and hence proper diet along with exercise will help to prevent the early onset of diabetes. Ayurvedic medicines will help to regularise the periods and will also help to reduce the excess weight. Please do have regular checkups with your gynecologist Ayurvedic medicines like.. Read more

Acute pancreatitis "cure"

asked by arnav@92 on 16 May 2016 5:00
I am a 24 year old guy. I suffered from an attack of acute pancreatitis about a month back. As for now I am not under any medication nor there is any kind of discomfort regarding my bowel and also free from any abdominal pain. My question is that, is there any permanant cure in Ayurveda for pancreatitis as a whole. And if so, what is/are those( preferrably medicines). Yours thankfully, Arnav... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- As with Ayurvedic medicine, there are medicines to heal the inflammation in the pancreas. But in acute pain, Ayurvedic medicines may not be efficient to reduce the pain. In that, you can always take Allopathy medicines. You can take Ayurvedic medicine for 3months and then reviewAyurvedic medicines like Trayantyadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water, Kaisora guggulu and Triphala Churna can be taken.. Read more

For hernia

asked by disco on 7 July 2015 22:23
pranam guruji, i am 30 years old i have inguinal hernia problem in right side testecle & right side testecle enlarged and i have gastric and acidity problem also so please give me right advise for remove this... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Inguinal hernia is the protrusion of the intestine through the weakest spot in the groin. It descends to the scrotum causing pain and swelling in the scrotum. Surgery is the treatment to reduce it as it is a structural problem. But if it is smaller, Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to relieve the acidity, improve the digestion and will help to prevent the further growth Package for Hernia can be.. Read more

PCOS Help for pregnancy

asked by Angt on 14 October 2014 19:55
Hello doctor Meri shaadi ko 3 saal ho gaye.2 saal se conceive karne ki try kar rahe hain lekin nahin ho raha.Doctor said ki PCOS hai 2 baar allopathy treatment and 1 baar ayurvedic treatment bhi le chuki hun. but kuch nahin hua. Mere periods toh normal hain.Weight bhi kam kar liya hai jo ki arround 52 kg hai. But hirustism hai.Or constipation hai menas stomach acchey se clear nahin hota hai.... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As you are trying to conceive since two years, it is considered as infertility. In your case due to PCOS, there are many hormones which are playing vital role are getting irregular. That is the reason why you are having unwanted hair too. I guess you might have cross checked your thyroid levels. Few good parts are that your periods are regular and your weight is under control So, here comes.. Read more

I want to get pregnant for second child.

asked by Bhuvana on 21 September 2014 13:19
Hi Doctor, I am Bhuvana 34 yrs old. I live in Germany. I have one girl child and she is 4 yrs old. I am trying for second child for past 6 months. my period cycle is normal 28days. I don't have BP,sugar or anything related to pregnancy. My husband is also normal. I have slight stomach burning sensation during the period time. If I apply some castor oil on my stomach then I get ok. I want to... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- As your periods are regular with no other known health problems, you can take Infertility package for 3months. The medicines can be ordered online through Love natural It is necessary to do further investigations if you fail to conceive after trying for one year. Ayurveda advises to have a healthy diet, happy mind during the period of conception and also throughout the pregnancy... Read more

For cancer

asked by kirtichaudhary on 21 August 2014 11:12
hello sir or mam meri mansi ko 2years se health problem h . nd haumne unka bhut ilaz karaya h lekin unke boly m koi sudhar nhi ho paya h. starting m unhe khansi hui yhi to humne doctors se consult kiya to infection bataya or lungs m pani bataya uske baad pani nikal diya or baar baar pani ban jata. usle baad doctors ne ise bimari ko t.v. ka naam diya or 1 year t. v. ki dawai karai and lungs ka... Read More
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Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- If your aunty has water retention in stomach and other parts of body then Punarnava is a good herb for removing excess water from the body. My dad had liver disorder and he is consuming Sarava Kalkp Kwath. His stomach was swollen due to water retention but now he is daily consuming sarva kapl kwath in morning and in evening. This kwath has punarnava in it which is diuretic so extra water is removed... Read more

For good personality

asked by GURU chauhan on 29 July 2014 14:31
Sir myself Guru chauhan.I am 21 year height is 180.I am a slim weight is 54kg.what can I do for get a good personality. And strong body.whitout any side effect. Plz help me... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- With the given details, your BMI is 16 which places you in the underweight category. Sometimes it could be due to heredity but other metabolic problems like hyperthyroidism, diabetes must be ruled out based on the symptoms. Being underweight also decreases your immunity, increases the risk of osteoporosis and affects the reproductive harmones Medicines like Ajamamsa Rasayanam - 1tsp before food twice.. Read more

For eye problem

asked by jyoti313 on 15 July 2014 16:01
dear sir, my age is 27 year old.. mere aakho ka power he 7:30 jo badhata hi jata je.. its humble request ki mujhe koi upay bataye aakho ke number nikalne ke liye .. mera computer work he .. .. pls... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Saurabh):- Dear Jyoti Ji, Poor eye sight could be because of hereditary or may be acquiredIf it is hereditary then naturally the treatment would take some time to cover up but if it is acquired then by balancing the diet and daily routine we can slowly slowly reduce the power and make it to normalFirst of all as you said, working a lot on computers is really harmful for eyes; if your profession is like with PCs.. Read more

Planning for a baby

asked by Kareena on 9 April 2014 0:01
Dear Sir/Madam, I will be planning for my second baby soon. I do pranayam regularly. Right now I am taking Shatavar churna, Ashwagandha churna, Stri Rasayana vati, chyavanprash and Triphala at night. Can you please give me some advise on what should I do now to prepare for baby planning? Any health advise or spiritual advise would be... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, It is very interesting to see that you are following all that is necessary for a second healthy child. Before conception it is very important that partners should have a well balance of body, mind and spirit. You are practicing pranayama and meditation which calms your mind and increase the satva guna of mind. As far as medicines are concerned, satavari is the one which you shall consume.. Read more

Ayurvedic medicine of triglyceride

asked by shailendra sahay on 8 February 2014 19:15
my new blood report on blood suger(f)-104.20mg/dl,(pp)-200.77, T.cholesterol-182.70,Triglyceride-420.49. which use medicine & best diet. please explain. and also piles in last 3 year. I have already use divya arsh kalp vati and triphlla guguul and control. ... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, From the investigation report given here, it is clear that you will have to start ayurvedic treatment to regulate cholesterol. Piles too has found solution in ayurveda which shall be explained Here i shall suggest you medicines and home remedies for both cholesterol and piles as an initial line of treatment Divya medohara vati - This medicine shall be taken 1 tab twice daily for the first.. Read more

Shilaji for Renal Patients

asked by Jolly on 27 January 2014 10:33
HEllo Sir, I have undergone Renal transplant in 2005. By grace of god everything is fine but now my body health has started deteriorating. Is Shilajit fine for me? I am already on renal medications which all patients has to take life long after transplant. Please... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Thank you for inquiring us on this issue. As far as shilajit is concerned, it is said as one of the powerful drugs used in ayurveda. It is said to the the prime one which can heal any type of diabetes Apart from healing diabetics, it is seen to be a powerful kidney tonic as well. However it shall only be taken at the right dosage. Overdosage of shilajit is extremely harmful to the body and can.. Read more

Decompensated liver, hep B

asked by jiwan on 2 September 2013 12:51
my brother age is 47 years. he has been diagnosed with decompensated liver, hep B and advised for liver transplant. he is single for last 10 years, married in 1998 and divorced in 2003. he used to drink a lot for last five hears, stopped for last six months. one year back, he was diagnosed with fluid in abdomen and has admitted to hospital four times in last one year for relive of excess fluid.... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Decompensated liver disease is when 90% of the liver is damaged. Together with hepatitisB it will have symptoms like jaundice, bleeding, ascitis, hypertension, weakness and peritonitis. This may also lead to problems with the kidneys also. It needs to be monitored carfully physically and with some investigations. You can consult with an Ayurvedic doctor with your reports of your brother. Based on that.. Read more

For gaining weight

asked by rinku_1980 on 21 August 2013 15:49
Hello Dr..... I m 28y old lady and i hv 7y old daughter. My height is 5'7" and weight is 47kg. I m very slim and my body figure is just like a 15y girl. so for gaining weight/figure i went to guruji in patanjali in delhi. He advised me to take abrah loh tab 2-2, 3 times in a day. and given me abhrak bhasam 5gm, mandoor 10g, swarna maskik 5g, vang bhasam 5g, takan bhasam 5g, kukutavam... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Hi Thanks for your query.You are on the border line BMI-18.But it is not a hard and fast rule.You have to be healthy. Those medicine are very good.You have to continue for at least 3months.It takes minimum 3months for the absorption of the nutrients and transform it to the dhathus to see changes like increase in weight.Please continue with the medicines for 3months.If you have any doubts please.. Read more

Diet with ayurveda medicines

asked by ako on 6 August 2013 14:27
I wanted to know if tomato can be consumed with ayurveda im taking Baidyanath Ashokarishta and... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Hi As you have not mentioned the purpose of meidicines, generally for Pitta disorders we advice to take less sour things.When you cook tomato with other spices like coriander, turmeric, cumin the effects are balanced.So you can use it moderately while you take the medicines. Please contact me for further clarifications with your.. Read more
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