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I am not doing perfect Sex Problem

asked by Veenu on 23 February 2012 21:59
my name vinay Male 27 sir mere ko pichle three month se sex nahi kar pa raha houn. turant hi sperm nikal ja raha aur sahi se khada bhi nahi ho raha hai... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Early Discharge or Premature Ejaculation is your problem. Sex comes from mind and if you can have healthy mind then you can have healthy sex. The best way to have healthy mind is do meditation and pranayama. Physical exercises are also very important as when the body is tired then the mind is relaxed after workout. This will help you controlling your senses and you would be able to control early.. Read more

Desi medicine for early discharge in sex time

asked by Dirk on 13 June 2011 12:03
Can I request information on desi medicine for early discharge in sex time ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
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Ayurvedic medicine for early discharge problem

asked by Jolyane on 18 May 2011 14:10
May I request information on ayurvedic medicine for early discharge... Read More
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Early discharge during intercourse

asked by Manish Nautiyal on 13 April 2011 9:55
Please provide information on early discharge during... Read More
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Baba ramdev treatment for early discharge

asked by Alden on 11 April 2011 18:57
I seek advice on baba ramdev treatment for early... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Premature ejaculation is one of commenst sexual disorder faced in todays world by menAyurveda call it as sukra ghat vatait is basically a pshycological disorder where anxiety and stress play major role. Physiological reasons like disturbed hormones are also likely to affect the ejaculation timeAyurvedic Medicines recomended are- Divya yuva amrit vati-2 tab twice a day with luke warm.. Read more

Best medicine of early discharge of man in sex

asked by Tory on 7 April 2011 18:58
I seek advice on best medicine of early discharge of man in... Read More
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Shighrapatan ka samadhan

asked by Velvet on 7 April 2011 13:45
I need advice on shighrapatan ka samadhan, I need this information as soon as possible so please reply... Read More

Homeopathic medicine for early discharge

asked by Lovely on 29 March 2011 9:55
I seek advice on homeopathic medicine for early... Read More
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Early discharge in hindi

asked by Velvet on 14 March 2011 11:51
Kindly provide advice on early discharge in... Read More
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Stop early discharge

asked by Lovely on 12 March 2011 18:57
I want advice on stop early discharge, thanks for your help and please provide details as soon as... Read More
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Sex time period early discharge medicine indian

asked by Amit Gupta on 28 February 2011 18:57
I need advice on sex time period early discharge medicen... Read More
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Hamdard medicine for sexual weakness

asked by Basil on 24 February 2011 11:51
Would like to have information on hamdard medicine for sexual... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Over masturbation leaves long term ill effects on health. It decreases libido, strength of penis and causes premature ejaculation. One should avoid it and have more self control. Those suffering from illness due to masturbation should not loose hope and first of all stop it completely. Have health lifestyle including healthy diet, daily exercise and meditation in form of pranayama. It will improve.. Read more

Sex karne ka tarika hindi me

asked by Lovely on 15 February 2011 13:45
I need information on sex karne ka tarika hindi... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Rohit Stamina for love making do baton par depend karta hai, Mansik aur Sharirik Shakti parMansik Pareshani aur Sharirik shakti interrelated hain, Regular YOGA kare toh uske Circulatory ,Hormonal aur Neural system sabhi ek jut kam karte hain aur use Harsh aur Ullas ki kami mahasoos nahi hoti YEH bhi ek baat hai ki excessively is activity me Pravrit hone se Sharirik aur Mansik Dikkat bhi ane.. Read more

Home remedies for early discharge

asked by Ezra on 21 January 2011 18:57
I need advice on home remedies for early... Read More
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Ayurvedic treatment for early discharge

asked by Rajesh Tyagi on 20 January 2011 18:57
I want advice on ayurvedic treatment for early... Read More
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Dhat & early discharge problems

asked by rohit on 27 June 2010 9:15
I'm dinesh. i am suffering from dhat,nightfall& early discharge problems last 10 years right now my age is 27 years. please tellme permanent remedy i will be very-2 greatfull to... Read More
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Early Ejuction

asked by sanjayindian2010 on 25 January 2010 3:54
Respected Sir, I am 24 years old.From last 10 years i am regularly doing hastmathun. Last year when i am doing sex with a girl. I fell my ejuction is much early. I am not satisfied him. Now i am going to marry this year. Please... Read More

Early discharge, strong erection

asked by Jiban on 23 January 2010 7:12
For sex problem i have taken packages for male sex problem for 21 days but my problem not cure completely like quick discharge is there within one minute some time white discharge before and after urine .sex organ also not strong properly , some time it is strong but immediate loose down. pl. tale me can i continue the same medicine or will you advice the other medicine.My financial condition is... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ravinder):- Sex problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and specially leaking semen takes time for complete treatment. We recommend you to keep your course of package for male sex problems and premature ejaculation packageregular. These medicines will slowly cure all your problems. Increase water intake. Take good diet and if required and your body tolerates you can increase the doses of your.. Read more

Alternative medicines for Premature Ejaculation

asked by george on 13 January 2010 9:33
What are the alternative medicines for premature ejaculation? I am suffering from early discharge problem and ejaculate in short duration during intercourse. Please suggest alternative medicine for my rapid climax... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ravinder):- Premature ejaculation, early discharge or rapid climax is a sexual disorder, it occurs when a man ejaculates earlier then his partner desire, and has an intercourse for a short duration. Some time man ejaculates during forplay. Premature ejaculation needs to be cured as soon as possible because it affects the penis nerves badly and also effects the relationship of men and women It should better be.. Read more

Night fall,early discharge,piles,cough&cold

asked by sankar on 14 December 2009 6:23
i am 26 years, but since 12 years i am suffering from night fall once in a weak and early discharge ( 1min-2min)at the time of masturbates as well as i have also dry cough,cough & cold since 5 years. now i want to stop all this deases plz help... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ravinder):- Hello and greetings from myyog.com. Night fall and early discharge both are clear indications for infection as well as weakness in urogenital system. You are having nightfall at regular interval and that too from some years that has caused severe weakness in body and reproductive system. So avoid masturbation to come out of these problems completely. Take a regular course of SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR.. Read more

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