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Dental problem

asked by joel on 8 July 2017 20:32
Dear sir , I'm 32 years unmarried female. I'm having gum disease. So I went for flap surgery in 2009. Still the problem exists. I'm getting large gaps between each teeth. Please provide me the solution to cover the gaps n for gums tightening n gum infection. Thanks in... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, In chronic periodontitis the ligaments and bone tissue are being destroyed thus creating a gap between teethFlap surgery is performed after non surgical procedures like cleaning and scaling(also referred to as root debridement)In flap surgery treats and repairs periodontal pockets which refers to the areas below the gum line where gum tissue has detached from the teeth, resulting in an unclean.. Read more

Gum problems

asked by Sachin N Bhagat on 15 June 2017 12:20
Name Sachin N Bhagat age 47 weight 95 Kg Having swollen gums, taken antibiotic, using divya dant manjan from last 2 Years. But recurrences are there. Kindly guide, what medicine to... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Swelling and inflammation in the gums are seen due to gingivitis. If it is not treated, it may lead to other dental complications. Divya Dant Kanti Tooth paste alone may not be able to solve the dental issues. In that case other medicines can be taken to reduce the symptoms which will be beneficial. Ayurvedic medicines like and Saptachadadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice.. Read more

How to treat dental root infection

asked by ayurkala on 29 May 2015 23:10
I have infection and swelling at the root of one of my tooth. Have been trying to treat it with Divya Maha Sudarshan Ghanvati, Divya Dant Manjan, and several other herbal tooth powders, mouth washes, etc. but swelling is not going away completely. Any suggestion to treat it more... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The dental root infection is caused due to the decayed tooth. As the foreign food particles enter into the tooth, it builds up the collection of food materials leading to infection. The treatment will be based on the extent of the infection. In cases where the pulp is infected, root canal treatment or in severe cases the extraction of tooth will be suggested. Therefore it is necessary to maintain.. Read more

I m not able to eat

asked by ds121987 on 21 March 2015 9:17
When i chew i am feeling toothache from both the side. What i should do. My teeth which was filled with some filling is also paining and it is looking like it is black inside.And other side last two teeth are looking they have dark cavity. I am using dant kanti. Mam please advice me what should i... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The treatment is based on the cause which requires a physical examination or other investigations like Xray. Please consult with a dentist who will be able to advise you. Generally filling, root canal treatment or extraction of the decayed tooth will be done based on the changes. The inflammation of the dental pulp will cause pain which could be due to cracked tooth, broken fillings or decayed tooth... Read more

Tooth problem

asked by benudhar on 27 October 2013 0:48
Hello sir,my mother has dental problem.actually her two teeth has already damaged due to infected by she has already remove these two teeth.But still at that place so much pain arises which is not bearable by my mother & also some there bleeding & pus occurs. So how it cure by ayurvedic medicine.Please tell me about its... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, A detailed examination is important as to obseve the amount of pus and gum bleeding. I would like to know if your mom is diabetic or not? What is her food habit and daily routine? Did she previously suffer from any sort of teeth infection? Here i shall precribe mediînes which are generally helpful for clearing pus and gum bleeding. Guggulu thikthakam kashayam - 15 ml with 45 ml of.. Read more


asked by HARRYCHAWLA on 28 August 2013 14:43
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, In this particular case detailed clinical examination and history is very much important to reach to a definitive diagnosis and treatment.Here it is said that both ENT and dental doctor has not found any solution to this problem. Hence it cannot be considered as an easy scenario Do you see any growth on cheek? Is it the cheek or the gum that is having pain? How long have you been suffering.. Read more

Role of Akarkara in dental health

asked by Guest on 13 July 2012 20:48
What is the role of akarkara in oral dental health both as mouth wash and in controlling pain and which part is... Read More
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Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Akarkara is a basic ingredient used in Toothpastes and its main purpose is to control tooth ache... Read more

Dental query of 4 year old child

asked by sunisukesh on 8 May 2012 14:19
Sir My 4.5 year old son has his partial front teeth full black . He has been hospitalised for dehydration when he was teeting at 8 months old. After that slowly his front teeth has turned brown to black. Is there any ayurvedic powder to get rid of his black teeth . As due to pain / fobia he does not want to visit a dentist... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Though there are certain herbal medicines which are helpful for dental hygiene but it is better to take him to the dentist which is very necessary to see the status of the dental health and gum health. If he is fond of chocolates, and sweets, you must take care that he brushes properly. In cases if he is having any other problems, that has to be solved accordingly through dentist. Following.. Read more

Baba ramdev ji ka yoga for dental problems in hindi

asked by Alden on 9 July 2011 18:09
Dear Sir, I need information on baba ramdev ji ka yoga for dental problems in hindi ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply... Read More
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Ayurvedic treatment for dental in hindi

asked by Alden on 16 May 2011 12:01
Please provide information on ayurvedic treatment for dental in hindi ?, I would be grateful to... Read More
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Dental ayurvedic upchar

asked by Abner on 18 February 2011 11:51
Would like to have information on dental ayurvedic... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, There are several ayurvedic medicines available which can help resolve the issue. Here i shall suggest you certain medicines. These medicines shall be taken only as an initial line of treatment and will need prior consultation of an ayurvedic doctor Guggulu thikthakam kashayam - This is an ayurvedic medicine which comes in decoction form. It shall be taken at a dosage of 30 ml with 30 ml of.. Read more

About Dental Problem

asked by deepak k on 7 August 2010 22:31
Dear Baba Jee, Parnam, I have dental problem , doctor's tell me that your teeth has the problem of pariya so Please give me right advice in my above mentioned mail box & my age is 34 Year & my Mobile No. ******** and I live in Sonipat Thanking You Deepak Bansal... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Pyorrhoea or Periodontitis is explained as inflammation of the periodontium due to bacteria growing in the spaces between the gum and the lower part of the tooth crown. This is due to improper oral hygiene the bacteria like Actinomyces will lead to this problem and it is unchecked, then infection will spread to the bone, to roots, then bone will resorb, and the teeth slowly become detached.. Read more

Dental problem

asked by pomi on 30 April 2010 11:45
suffering from 3yrs,redness n little swelling in the gums,itching & pain after eating,gum reducing,weakness of the... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello Your complaints are related to gingivitis or bleeding gums and happens when there is any kind of inflammation of gums due to improper oral hygiene or due to lack of required nutrition. This kind of periodontal disease may harm the soft tissues surrounding the teeth and causes weakness of tooth and may cause periodontitis which is painful Symptoms may be bleeding and Painful gums, swollen gums.. Read more

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