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Tension and sugar

asked by naheed wali on 29 June 2013 15:38
54 years old male, married, having three sons and a daughter,...sugar fluctuation, gas trouble, and gets tensed on every little matter.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear sir you need to practice pranayama and yoga to balance minbd and body to balance sugar for example you may do yoga according to yoga for madhumeha, this will help you very much also take amla and haldi powder mixed and take it twice daily also take glucomap which will help you with various.. Read more

Curing Sugar

asked by mungzb on 1 May 2013 11:12
Name: Manish Age: 47 Gender: M Present COmplaint: Last to last week I came to know that i am suffering from diabetes. I am taking Diya madunashvati but I foud that i am not getting good results. My Fasting and PP on 19/3/13 was 167/220 and yesterday it was 147/195 Please suggest me more good... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Thank you so much for writing to us. It is sure that your diabetes is not under control. The rate given by you recently proves this I would strongly recommend you to go for insulin right now itself. The sooner you start with insulin better will be your health. Also once you start insulin and get your diabetes level back to normal i would suggest you to start ayurvedic medicine then on only... Read more

Want to reduce weight and level of blood sugar

asked by tanushree on 26 March 2013 13:41
good afternoon Doctor, Myself a patient of Hypothyroid, wants to share a few things with you. 1. I am married for 6 and half years, and got two miscarriages, ( one 8th May 2009, and another one on 9th June 2010.)and now want to concieve, but not able to. Earlier, I was under PCOS treatment with Orgamed, Letoval and Follinal tablets. My first miscarriage was at 1 month and 4 days past and the... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Guest Thanks for writing After seeing your history ,it seems that there are a lot of imbalances in the Hormone secretion and Metabolism inadequacy You need to make Yoga and Pranayam your daily regime, most complex hormone and metabolism problems may be managed by practising yoga.we would like to recommend you yoga vcd for women, it will help loose weight and be good for Diabetes and hormone.. Read more

Blood Sugar Related ( Diabities)

asked by Ram kishan Gupta on 23 February 2013 17:46
Age-44 Male, Disease complain -I have been suffering from blood Sugar for 8 months. My Fasting is 140 and PP is 180. It is no decreasing less than 140. Plz advive me good medicin. There were no person of Diabities in my family. I have been suffering from minor Psoriases for last 10 years. My wife is suffering from OCD Mental disease last 10 years. Are these all disease will go with the... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sanjay):- as per your problem your fasting sugar is more .take care of your dinner to be less in sugar products.better to take wheat mix with besan roti no rice and rice products.along with that go for madhunasani vati after your dinner 2tb dailywith regards dr.. Read more

Blood sugar se mukti ke upaya

asked by radheyshyam on 23 January 2013 16:58
doctor ji,pranam,mere bhai ka age 32 he,unmarried he.koi nicotin,alcohol ya smoke nahi karte abhi 10 din pahale use headache ka problem tha our humne uske blood test kiye jisme sugar level normal se jyada nikla.hamare pita ji ka bhi diebetic tha.iska koi permanent cure he kya pls.suggest me.thank you... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Radhey Shyam ji Diabetes Hereditary aur Life style ke karan hone vali ek Metabolic disorder hai. Yeh yadi Hereditary ke karan se ho Permanent ilaj anhi kar sajte par isko manage kiya ja sakata hai, bus agar jaroorat hai to isase jude aspects ko samjhane ki .Isme Extra sugar blood me ghumti rahati hai ,jo ki KAI Tarah se nuksan kar sakti hai,ise Physical Activity ke dwara control kiya ja sakata.. Read more

Acidity,sugar,bp ayurvedic medicine

asked by akg on 11 December 2012 0:15
sir i am patient of sugar,hyperacidity and bp since last 7 yrs. and taking allopathy medicines. recently i tried divya pharmacy products like mukta phishti, muktashukti, kamdura ras and shaank bhasm for hyperacidity and gastric problem. though they are getting cured but my sugar also starts droping and bp remained normal w/o taking any allopathy medicines so if these herbal medicines mentioned... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Guest The medicine which you have been taking are fine for your problems .Its good that these medicine are proving effective for you . But your Blood sugar getting dropped means that your Blood Sugar comes down after taking these medicine means that they are making changes with digestion process . However these medicines[ Kamdoodha ras ,Shankh Bhasma] are originally indicated in Amal pitta and.. Read more

Kabaj ,gastric joint pain one side leg & sugar

asked by kash on 23 April 2012 13:48
sir mujhe sugar 5months hai par abhi control hai aur sbse jyada kabj ,gastric se pare san hu latring saf nahi hota jis se sar me dard aur jalan hota hai .aur dahine pair me dard hota hai kamar se lekar pair ke talve tak .kripiya iska kuch desi ilaz aur yoga btaye phir medicine mai abhi oman me... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hi, As you are suffering from diabetes since 5 months and apart from that you are suffering from constipation and gastric related complaints and you are complaining pain in the rectal area too. There is possible pain which is radiating towards one side of leg which has to considered. One should consider all the factors, food and lifestyle which is very important. There may be chances of.. Read more

Baba ramdev ji ki sugar ki dawa

asked by Nirvana seeker on 15 August 2011 18:09
Hi Sir, I need advice on baba ramdev ji ki sugar ki dawa ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear sugar disease or diabetes occur when there is insulin named hormone which is responsible for sugar metabolism ,its functionality is impairedwhen complicated it affects the eyes.kidney,nerves and also may cause non healing ulcer also thats why its important to understand the importance of metabolism and change diet and lifestyle etc Daily walk or jogging should be inseparable part of daily.. Read more

Sugar ka ilaj

asked by Jolyane on 7 June 2011 15:08
Hello, I would like to have information on sugar ka ilaj ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.George):- Dear friend, Wishes from my yog. The problem your friend facing is diabetes mellitus. It is mainly due the inability of the pancreas to secret insulin. Because of the complete inability or partial inability sugar which are present in the foods which we taken will not be converted to glycogen and will be present in the blood. That is the major reason of increased blood sugar for your friend You.. Read more

Sugar control by patanjali medicine

asked by Alden on 21 April 2011 15:08
Hello Sir, I require information on sugar control by patanjali medicine ?, please reply back as soon as... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where you need to follow multiple methods to bring your blood sugar levels under control. As we are not sure since how long have you been suffering from diabetes but taking your age in to consideration that is your age is 67 years, there are certain things that you need to follow including diet and lifestyle. Diet of course you must know that you have to.. Read more

Can chyawanprash be related to hyperactivity in children due to high sugar content/

asked by romeochamp on 12 April 2011 9:31
Dear Sir Namashkaar/pranaam I am from Mauritius I am giving chyawanprash to my 5 year old daughter since 2 years now. It has improved her allergic/immunity problems quite a lot. Since some times now her teacher at school complains that she is too active and talks and disturbs the class all the day. Is this a case of hyperactivity? My wife prepares her chyawanprash with milk and add sugar... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Sir You are giving Chyavanprash in the right dose.Children need energy because they are active all day There is a term called Hyper Kinetic Children,and it happens with some children According to Ayurveda there are different kind of Prakritis named Vata -Pitta-Kapha. They each have special Physical and Mental Attributes. Your daughter appears to be more of a Vata Type.Its just how an Individual.. Read more

Hindi ayurveda mea sugar ki bimari ka tips

asked by Nitesh sharma on 29 March 2011 11:28
Hello Sir, I require information on hindi ayurveda mea sugar ki bimari ka tips ?, thanks! very... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Aapka post padkar yeh samaj mein aa rahan hai ki aapko diabetes aur hypertension ke illaj ka details chahiyae. Diabetes ko hum ayurveda mein prameha kehte hai. Ayurveda mein prameha 20 types ke hote hain.Iska illaj bhi achi tarah sae batayaa hua hai. Pehlae aapka glucose ka level jaanna hai, both fasting and regular. Uske baad hi hum kuch davaayi aapko prescribe kar sakthae hai Hypertension.. Read more

Need ur medicines to control sugar level n blood ure n creatinine

asked by ekta on 18 March 2011 11:37
respected baba ji... my mother having heart prob n had gone under surgery for pace maker..she also having sugar n her blood urea is 177 and her creatinine is 1.35 kindly tel me the treatment for this n what all medicines she should eat ....i am very much worried about her kindly help... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, There is a serious issue taking place with your mother. As you know that her blood urea nitrogen level and creatinine are seen to be elevated which never at all is a good sign. This give me a picture that her kidney is not functioning properly and is to be undergone various blood tests to make sure that she is not suffering from CKD. So i would strongly recommend you at this stage to.. Read more

High Sugar

asked by jayesh on 13 October 2010 12:25
1)The sugar has been consistently ranging aroud 180-250 in last 3-4 months. 2) around 3-4 times in a day I feel hungry and it is on such a bad extent that i feel very weak and fel i will fall down if i walk. 3) the head also remains very heavy during the day. Kindly... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, You have the complaint of diabetes and it can be controlled with combined efforts and you need to depend on allopath care too whenever there is emergency. You need to follow strict diet regulations, follow proper food timings, and monitor your blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels to rule out any cardiac complaints too There are medications in ayurveda and other system of Indian.. Read more

My husbands sugar level not coming down

asked by durgapriye on 16 August 2010 14:52
Namaste gurujee My husband was diagnosed with diabetes since last year he is taking ayurvedic medicine Amree plus now. before that doctor gave some powder which controlled his sugar then later began to raise we consulted the doctor now he is taking Amree plus since 2 months my uncle also diabetic recently started Divya Madunashini vati and he is responding well. I want to get advice from you... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As your husband is suffering from diabetes complaint and cholesterol, and other diabetes symptoms. Since your fasting and PPBS levels are higher, you need to depend on medicines and also diet and exercises As you have mentioned that you have stress and disturbed sleep, you need to rectify that by following yoga and pranayama for relieving stress and anxiety. As diabetes and cholesterol.. Read more


asked by harshukh on 4 August 2010 20:20
I am 47 year old person , i am a businessmen i wm suffering from blood sugar since last one year PLEASE ADVICE ME , WHICH PATANJALI MEDICINE WILL I BOUGHT i have about 250 blood sugar... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Diabetes is explained as metabolic disorder where your blood glucose levels become altered or higher than normal Diabetes can be controlled with proper diet, and with proper medications. If stress levels are higher, then diabetes levels too become higher Regular diet is very important. Split meals in diabetes is very important If you are having sedentary life style, then you need to perform.. Read more

Thyorid, Obsesity, High B.P and Sugar

asked by ritu b on 4 August 2010 20:17
Dear Sir,I m married (43) female,height-5 and weight-86 kgs. one week ago,i chekup,result thyroid TSH-8.60 and Sugar Fasting 118 B.P. 120/80 Problems is that I can not reduced my weight, by doing my great efforts. How can I am reduced my weight. Beacause I want to reduce about 20 KG. Please reply my email and give suitable suggestions. I can also do kapalbhat nad lom vilom 15-15 mintues.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As per your given details, your body mass index is 37.22 which comes under obesity. As you have TSH abnormalities, there may be hormonal abnormalities. After identifying proper causes, you need to workout for reducing weight. As your BMI is higher side, it is difficult to reduce weight rapidly However, with the help of Indian medicines such as ayurveda, homeopathy, siddha medicines, and.. Read more

Blood sugar level

asked by geetha on 23 July 2010 16:11
Dear Guruji, Iam 35 year old and 3 months back when I checked my blood, fasting was 98 and PP sugar level was 151. hence I visited Patanjali clinic and they adviced me to take Divya madhunashini vati tablet 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. After taking this 15 days my sugar level became normal. So i stopped it for 1 week and when i tested again the PP was 145. So Doctor asked me to take... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, You gave detailed description regarding your blood sugar levels. This is clear that you are having initial stages and sugar levels are fluctuating even with medications. Along with medications you need to follow diet and yoga. As you mentioned that you are doing pranayama which is good and can continue further Depending on nutritional requirements and calorie intake you should follow diet.. Read more

Cholestrol&sugar ayurvedic medicine

asked by shajitha on 11 February 2010 15:25
i m mrs shajitha..i am44yrs old.last day i had taken a blood test.test reports: test result ref.interval glu 111 HI 70-110 LDH 297 HI 100-190 CHOL 251 HI 0-200 TGL 173 HI 30-150 I wuld lik 2 know whether my glucose&cholestrol leves r appropriate.or its high,shuld i tak any tablets,pls mak the above report clear thank... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello madam, Though your blood sugar levels are in border level, and meanwhile abnormal cholesterol levels indicates that you need attention on both, moreover, you have to focus on normalizing cholesterol levels and take preventive measures for diabetes Keeping cholesterol levels healthy is especially important for people with diabetes because cardiovascular diseases are their leading risk factors as.. Read more

Blood Sugar.

asked by arun2053 on 30 January 2010 6:22
I have blood sugar for last 15 yrs. Though I take medicines regularly I am not able to keep it under control. Now I like to have your treatment. Pls. advice so that I am able to keep it under... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Diabetes is a condition that results in increased sugar (glucose) levels in the blood. As the body produces insulin, which helps lower sugar. Deficiency of insulin can lead to increased sugar in the blood. Please try to understand these tips:: * Sugar, artificial sweeteners and excess honey. Try to avoid foods containing ingredients end in (ol) or (ose) as these are mainly different forms of.. Read more

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