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Infertility due to left ovarian cyst

asked by krishica on 17 August 2013 15:14
I m 33 yr old female suffering from left ovarian cyst.alopathic medicines taken as per dr. Before 4 yr I had gone through laparoscopy due to endometriosis n dr says my right ovary is absent.once IVF n once iui but no success.married since 5 yrs. regular periods.bit pain during menses.i do daily pranayam for 30 mts..SIR I wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible.my husband reports r... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear the cyst or things like these are formed when there is an obstruction to the normal flow the body channels especially in your case its Utrine channels. for that you may go to take a proper panchkarma cleaning program, it will be very helpful for you, not only now but for the times to come. Plan it with a good ayurvedic panchkarma specialist near you then also you may take divya fal.. Read more

Left ovarian cysts

asked by jyoty on 14 August 2013 9:37
Sir, recently i had gone thru abortion thru i pill for a 2 months sac and now after i had ultrasound after three weeks of abortion and i had this problem mentioned in report - Two oval, thin walled, well circumscribed, anechoic, cystic lesions seen in left ovary measuring 35mm & 31mm in size with no intralesional solid components or... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Here the cysts are of small size and is not a matter of concern. However i would at this stage recommend you certain ayurvedic medicines for cleaning the reproductive tract and to remove cyst thereafter Ashokarishtam - 30 ml twice daily after foodJeerakarishtam - same as above Lakshmanarishtam - same as above Sukumara ghritham - 1 tsp twice daily after food Avoid - Exercise, travelling by.. Read more

Infertility due to left ovarian cyst.one overy absent

asked by suman goyal on 4 August 2013 19:46
I m 33 yr. old.female suffering from left ovarian cyst n one ovary absent.i have gone through laparoscopy due to endometriosis before 4years.after laparoscopy I went through once IVF .now in 2013 January I once gone through iui,but again left ovarian. Cyst .i want too have kid as soon as possible .i do pranayam regularly.my height 5.3 n weight is 62. My menses r regular. Can I do pranayam when... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Yes you can try pranayama at the time of conception and up to 2 months of pregnancy. Pranayama alone will not serve you the purpose of healing ovarian cyst. You will have to take in ayurvedic medicines along with diet to get a complete relief from this I will suggest you certain medicines which you can consume as a first line of treatment Ashokarishtam - 30 ml twice daily after.. Read more

Ovarian cyst medicine

asked by bobby goel on 23 May 2013 6:01
age 38 years,female,married,vaginal bleeding from last 35 days,too much pre mensuration syndrome,breast become tender and painful,last medicine taken for bacterial infection in vagina,in ultrasound a cyst of 2.3mm is detected in left ovary, all hormonal tests are normal . A lump is also find out in right breast and coming week biopsy of breast may be done. My cycle period is 28 days but now i am... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear There are some measures through which you may get some relief ,like yoga and some medicine with PANCHKARMA These cysts they usually happen when there are some accumulation or blockage are there, through panchkarma one is able to clear it off. You may seek expert panchkarma doctor advice and go for cleansing therapies yoga : yoga vcd for women is good for women facing related problems Some.. Read more

Large Ovarian Endometrosis Cysts

asked by yogita on 16 May 2013 20:53
Hello Sir, My name is Yogita , Age-30 yrs. is suffering from ovarian endometriosis- cysts on both(single cysts on left/ two adjoining cysts on right ovaries ) size is approx. 51 mm. I initially suffered this problem immediately after my marriage (Nov-2004) and detected with of ovarian endometriosis- cysts on left/right ovaries in Feb-2005 and was operated with laparoscopic surgery and afterwards... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hey yogita, Relax!!!! Life is beautiful and never a hell. These are small hurdles that we have to pass by. I can understand your mental status and so we are here to help you out of this Firstly i would like to know about your lifestyle. This includes, your daily routine and food habits. Many a time, these are the ones responsible for the cyst but should be ruled out. Also did you ever get through.. Read more

Ovarian Cyst

asked by uju on 10 May 2013 11:41
Hi, My Age - 34 yrs, married from 7.5 years, No child yet.Suffering from sever endometriosis with ovarian cyst of 5.5 cm dia and hypothyriodism. From February 2012 opearted two times but again cyst has developed and doctors suggested for another surgery. My question is 1.Can I take kanchanar guggle & vridhivadhika vati and mixture of tamra bhasm, Giloy sat,Shila Sindur,prval... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Krish):- Hello, Yes you can take White willow bark capsules which is mainly given as pain killers along with the medicines like kanchanara guggulu, vriddhivatika vati and othersThere will be no drug interaction as such with the above combination of medicines with the pain killer But make sure if you develop any allergic reaction consult your doctor Diet also plays a major rule in solving your PCOD and.. Read more

Hello Sir/mam I m 28 years old i m suffering from left ovarian cyst

asked by shruti_1_2_3 on 30 April 2013 15:44
Sir i consult wid my doctor in gyne deptt. my cyst size is 8.8*6.9cm is seen in pelvic anterior and superior to urinary bladder and uterus.and she told me abt the CA 125 teast its result is 56.20. she said to me i have to remove dis cyst through the laproscopy treatment. i m worried abt that bec i m unmarried thats y i dnt want any surgery if medicine & ayurvedic upchar helps in this problem.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Thank you so much for writing to us. CA 125 test result is elevated. Please don't worry ,it doesn't mean anything.It is a medical rule that if CA 125 value is elevated it can be cancerous, but there are a thousand non cancerous reason which can elevate this value Was this cyst found accidentally or did this cause any problem with you due to which it was found. There is no need for.. Read more

Ovarian Dermoid Cyst in left ovary with PCOS trying to conceive

asked by nancyscolastika on 26 March 2013 15:20
Hello, I am married 7 years back i cant conceive yet, my right ovary removed with chocolate cyst 13 years back, my periods was regular i tried many treatment in allopathy i tried for four time IUI and one time IVF but in vain last year i opted for siddha medicine and i conceived within one month but got aborted in six weeks (i was told that the heart beat of the foetus has stopped) now after 8... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Mam Natural Remedies like Panchkarma and herbal mixtures coupled with Yoga will provide you many benefits Panchkarma shall be first starting point of your management as it will improve the circulation and remove obstructions ,a cause for Cyst formation etc. Find a panchkarma doctor near youHe/she shall prescribe you the different procedures required Secondly medicine like Dashmoolarishta.. Read more

Ovarian cyst

asked by safiya on 14 March 2013 10:27
hi my name is safiya age 22 years married from three years i have cyst in left side two year before it removed by laproscopy operation but its again occured size is 50*50mm this iam taking from two monrh homeopathy medicine and most important thing is i am trying to be pregnant but not concieveing. i have wight gain problem so kindly help... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Safiya For herbal medicine for this kind of problem to be most effective ,one should first go for Cleansing process. That is Panchkarma. Try to go for a full fledged program.It will help prepare the body For some cleansing you can take Triphala juice empty stomach two times a day ,Zandu nityam for few days Then you can start taking Ayurvedic medicine , M2 tone and Vigoroyal-f Regular Yoga.. Read more

Ayurvedic treatment of ovarian cancer

asked by adp on 17 February 2013 15:24
60yr female with stage 4 ovarian cancer had ascites,b/l pleural effusion b/l ovarian mass has taken 2 chemotherapy session 21 days apart had hypertension taking medicine for... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear MAM Thanks for writing to usAs most of the abdomen and pleural is affected due to Metastasis and involvement,there might not be desired resultsAlthough to improve the quality of life ,Cow urine shall be highly beneficial for youIt will help detoxify Also Ashwagandha cap,Manjishtha cap,[Gioya Ghan vati] and mulethi powder may be taken together, Once you start with the above ,then after wards.. Read more

Ovarian Cancer after Chemo

asked by ardhendu on 29 January 2013 18:25
Sir, my mother(54) having ovarian cancer with mass. She has taken 4 chemo and then with operation, uterus & ovaries are removed in Jun'12. Then she was given 3 chemo. Now her CA-125 test shows 757 u/ml. Doctor advise for further chemo but we don't want . Pls suggest for herval treatment or any aurvedic medicine. Pls sir advise the medicines for my mother atleast for no spread and for... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear We hope your mother lives a long and healthy life,We are sure your oncologist is a Competent advising you next chemoWe also understand that its very painful and difficult to with stand chemo and its side effectsHere we may try to IMPROVE HER QUALITY OF LIFE",, by some natural treatments: You may ask her to take Maharishi Amrit Kalash [Known for its goodness Cancer treatment side.. Read more

Uterus Ovarian TB

asked by armstrong on 28 December 2012 12:09
we are married form last 12 yrs. My wife's tubes are blocked due to Uterus Ovarian TB. Due to which unable to concive. Is there any Ayurvedic medicine or yoga to come out of the... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Sir' Its very unfortunate that this problem is causing to this effect of not able to start a family I would first of all say that ATT recommended by your doctor should be completed without any complacency. Regarding the remaining management we can do things like: 1.YOga: Surya Namaskar in early Sun rays help reduce effect of the T.B.infestationRec.Yoga VCD for Childless couple by Swami.. Read more
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Ovarian endometriosis refers involving the ovary in the form of either small superficial islands or epithelial also called as chocolate cysts of various sizes and your other complaint suggests of fallopian tubal blockages After considering all factors with gynecologist, you may try consuming natural remedies which are helpful and that include ayurveda, siddha, homeopathy and other system of.. Read more

Ovarian Cysts and infertility

asked by Sunshine on 30 September 2012 8:57
Hello, this is Sunshine (28 years) from California. My ob-gyny doctor has just diagnosed me with ovarian cysts while treating me for infertility. Now she wants me to take birth control pills or Luperon injection.I took 1 luperon shot but now I am scared of side effects and irregular periods. Can you please suggest me what ayurvedic medication I should take. I will really appreciate you... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Arindham):- Hello , Greetings from Myyog.com ! Now a days Ovarian cyst is very common in young females and thus it is indeed one of the main cause for infertility The hormonal pills do have loads of side effects if being consumed for long time like liver damage, skin irritation, nausea, headache, giddiness, mood swings and other related problems In ayurveda we do treat this problem from the root by balancing.. Read more

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

asked by arfaa2 on 15 July 2012 19:22
Hi, I am a 20 year old female who lives in London and have been diagnosed with PCOS. I have had an ultrasound and cysts were seen in my ovaries, I have not had any other tests done. I am not over weight and the symptoms that mainly concern me are excess hair on face and chest, also acne on my face which hasn't been improving for 2 years now. I do have monthly period but it is very light so... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- For acne prevention refer to the Acne and Pimples Ayurvedic Medicines For digestion relate problem, Divya Avipattikar churna is good in case of acidity, Divya Gashar churna helps in relieving gastric disorders. Triphala churna can be take in night before sleep to avoid constipation M2-tone, and Shatavari can be consumed regularly as these medicines will help for healthy uterine.. Read more

Ovarian Cyst & Endometriosis

asked by Bhumika on 24 May 2012 12:02
I am 32 yrs old and having endometriosis. I had a laproscopy in 2010 for ovarian cyst present in both ovaries (Size was 6x7cm each side). After that again it is recurring and giving me lots of pain during ovulation (From day 8 to day 15) which is unbearable. Is it curable desease? I am not able to conceive because of endometriosis. Kindly tell me solution. my weight is 60 kg and height is... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello Madam, As you are suffering from endometriosis which has to be cleared by undergoing proper treatments from ayurvedic aspect, as of now, if your ovulation is normal and menstruation is normal then you my try to consult gynecologist for getting green signal for becoming pregnant or you may try to get conceived. As Endometriosis is explained as when cells from the lining of the womb grow in.. Read more

Polycystic ovarian disease , pelvic inflammatory disese and conception

asked by Shruti saxena on 19 May 2012 15:36
I am 29 years old n married for 2.5 years.recently i am diagnosed with PID and PCOD.my weight is 70 kg and my height is 5.1.i am taking M2 tone.what other medicines and measures should i take as i am trying to concieve.my tubes are... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Krish):- Hello, First you need to reduce your weight according to your height your weight must be around 50- 55kg Just m2 tone syrup wont help you in solving your PCOD & PID Get done PANCHAKARMA treatment near your home, either VIRECHANA or LEKHANA BASTHI Internal Medications: ALong with m2 tone Ashokarishtam -15ml medicine +15 ml water mornign and night after foodVaranadi Kashaya - 30ml medicine +30.. Read more

Endometrial hyperplasia ovarian cyst postmenopausal woman

asked by lamie on 17 March 2012 23:00
i am being monitored for endometrial hyperplasia . i had 2 biopsies which were normal. i am being monitored also for ovarian cyst. i am postmenopausal. the gyn dosen't want to do a hysterectomy on me because i have lots of adhesions from previous abdominal surgeries. help. how much longer will i have to be monitored. i also have a stenosis of my cervix which makes being monitored... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As per your query, reports suggests negative for any malignancy, and as you are suffering from ovarian cysts. As you are concerned about being monitored by doctor which I would recommend that you have to consult gynecologist when and as needed. When you think of natural remedies, they are very helpful for symptomatic relief and helps in preventing further deterioration which is important in.. Read more

Poly cystic ovarian syndrome

asked by siri on 3 March 2012 1:50
Namasthe, Thanks Doctor for Your reply. I will purchase medicines mentioned by you. If i conceive meanwhile, which medicine should i stop and which i should continue. And how many months i should take these... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Krish):- Hi, Pls share us the medications name which we have prescribed you Once we see the prescription we can let us know what needs to be stopped, You need to take medications for infertility for atleast 3-6 months depending on ur body constitution But also make sure you follow proper diet chart which were prescribed by our doctors for the same EVen if you take medications and dont follow the diet, results.. Read more

Poly cystic ovarian syndrome

asked by siri on 1 March 2012 1:38
Namasthe, I am 35 years old female. I am writing to u to get some advice like what medicines i have to take. I tried calling Sree Ramdev Baba patanjali clinic Haryana to the given numbers, but nobody answered. So i am writing to u. From the time of puberty, i was having irregular periods. After marriage i was diagnised pcos and doctors gave me clomid. I got conceived and gave birth to a... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello madam, We really appreciate you in having faith in natural remedies, after going through your detailed query, I would like to suggest some important points for taking care of your health, especially uterine health. There are many remedies which are natural and ayurveda is one among those. The concept of ayurveda is based on Doshas and Dhatus, which you may not understand at this point.. Read more
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