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Hearing loss

asked by safa on 22 August 2013 9:53
Dear Doctor, My son 21 years old boy having severe hearing loss from 5 years old, wearing hearing aid on left ears. Before he wear in both ears but he saying can hear the many different sound (tinnitus)in right ear.Now he complaining about his left ear hearing sound same as the right and cant hear when wear the hearing aids. Please advise as the right medicine for him to take. Thank... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Hello, Thanks for the inquiryHope that your son is having sensori neural hearing loss. In sensori neural hearing loss sound reach inner ear, but a problem in the inner ear or the nerves that allow you to hear prevent proper hearing.Tinnitus may also be associated with it. Even though sensori neural hearing loss is difficult to manage compared to conductive hearing loss, positive results are shown with.. Read more

Neural Hearing Loss

asked by rohit30230 on 14 August 2013 9:57
Six years back i had an accident in which my right ear nerve was damaged, which resulted in hearing loss for my right ear. Someone told about Sarivadi Vati, will it be useful in my case or something else. Please... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Hello, Thanks for your inquiryThe part of the ear affected in accident determines the type of hearing loss.In sensorineural hearing loss sound reach inner ear,but a problem in the inner ear or the nerves that allow you to hear(auditory nerve) prevent proper hearing.In Central hearing loss, the brain has difficulty in understanding sound because the parts of brain that control hearing are damaged.This.. Read more

Hearing loss

asked by sugandha on 11 August 2013 15:19
i have a problem of hearing loss in right ear since 2 years doctors are saying that due to damage nerve i m not able to hear n now i never will be able to hear with my right ear.there are some noises also coming out with right ear.how can i get back my hearing capacity?please... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Hello Thanks for your inquiryIn sensoryneural hearing loss, sound reach inner ear, but a problem in the inner ear or the nerves that allow you to hear prevent proper hearing. Even though neural deafness is difficult to resolve than conductive deafness, some positive changes are seen with ayurveda medicines and treatments. So you can start with- (1) Divya sarivadi vati-1 tab twice a day with water (2).. Read more

Ear nerve weakness and hearing loss problem

asked by arjunkharola on 2 August 2013 21:48
dear sir, I have problem in ear nerve weakness and hearing loss problem in both ear . this problem is facing about 15 yrs ago.. That time I am 40 year . right ear mild high frequence mix hearing loss. and left moderate high frequence mix hearing loss. pls. give suggest to solve my problem. and... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Hello, Thanks for the inquiryIn sensory neural hearing loss, sound reach inner ear, but a problem in the inner ear or the nerves that allow you to hear prevent proper hearingCompared to conductive deafness,neural deafness is difficult to manage. But in some cases positive results are obtained by ayurveda treatments and medicinesYou can take- (1) Divya Sarivadi vati-1 tab twice a day with milk or.. Read more


asked by prosen on 14 July 2013 12:14
Expert's Advice (Dr.George):- Dear friend, Hearing loss and deafness are are a frustrating problem. If we can't talk to others and hear from them then we are in a misery There are several causes for hearing loss ranging from sensorineural hearing loss , hearing loss due to certain infections or age related hearing loss. As you are facing the problem from child hood it may be a nervous disorder ie.. Read more

Right Ear nerve damage- Right ear hearing loss.

asked by Imon on 2 July 2013 11:25
Hi, I am having hearing loss problem from last 4 years. Consulted Doctors and tried Homeopathy medicines for initial 2 years however nothing turned into positive.... Doctors are saying this is incurable.. Its 100% hear loss in my right Ear. Request your help in suggesting some exercise/Yoga/Medicine to cure it partially. Is there any fear that it will repeat in my Left Ear as well? Please... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear you may take some panchkarma therapies like Swedana and KARNA poorna ,which may improve your condtion,also avoid listening to loud music,do not eat dry and cold in nature meals Also you may take sarivadi vati and ras raj ras may also help youBut contact a doctor in person to help you how to take them etc also donot take cold.. Read more

Ayurvedic Medicine for Hearing Loss Person

asked by Shailendra Kumar on 27 June 2013 17:27
Sir, I Child 7 years old , hearing loss Both ear continue Hearing aid , but any medicine in ayurvedic... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Saurabh):- Dear Shailendra ji, As you son is very young so there are not so many Ayurveda medicines which we can start with but you may use Ksheerbala oil for his head massage with special application on top of the scalp twice dailyFeed the child with proper nutritious diet and never let the child go into waterIf any kind of neurological problem is there which may be congenital or may have occurred during.. Read more

Any Medicine for Hearing Loss person

asked by Shailendra Kumar on 26 June 2013 11:55
Age-7 years Gender -Male hearing Loss 80 db each ear Hearing Loss no any person in Family and Next Daughter is Born Ok ... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- dear sir you may start giving sarivadi vati for chewing also pour some drops of bilwadi oil ,orr visit a panchkarm center near for Karna poorna procedure also give kumar kalayan ras and arvindasava which may.. Read more

My daughter is hearing loss

asked by shameer on 5 June 2013 13:55
Dear sir my 18 month daughter is suffering from hearing loss I will make all test for both ear the doctors is saying ear drums middel ear are good but the nerve is death what can i do please give me some information about my daughter hearing... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.George):- Dear friend, Wishes from my yoga. Your daughter may be facing sensorineural hearing loss, as you said the ear drum and middle ear are fine with your daughter. In this kind of hearing loss the problem occurs in the inner ear. It is caused due to the damage of hair cells of cochlea which is the inner ear. Due to this problem the nerve impulses will not pass through the auditory nerve to the brain.. Read more

Remedies for hearing loss

asked by vicky.aryan85 on 13 May 2013 10:33
Hello My son is 3 years old,he didn't learn to speak,I visited to ENT Specialist,who advised for complete hearing test of my Son.Where we found that his left ear has moderate hear loss and right ear has profound hear loss.Doctor had advised for hearing aid in left ear and cochlear implant for right ear. Can you please advice whether Ayurveda has solution for my son's problem.I will very... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sanjay):- as per your problem a kid of 3yrs having a problem of hearing loss is a clear case of structural deformity which cant be cured as it has been explained to you by your ent dr if it was related with some other like if he was at the age of 10 or more then it was possible to do some thing but if you want to do some thing then start with upmarga skhar tail which is put in ear 1drop twice of badyanath.. Read more

Loss of hearing

asked by asha70 on 12 May 2013 21:07
sir I am 43 years old female. I have a hole in my right eardrum. doctor asked me to get surgery.I want to know is it curable without surgery? please suggest.and my left ear also has less hering... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sanjay):- as per your problem if that hole in your eardrum as told by your dr is a big one then it has to be cure with the help of surgery .if it was a small hole it can be cure with the help of medication but a bigger one cannot be done make it sure with your dr about this and also make it as early as possible if you delay it will be difficult to get cured after along with that go for tab kaisore gugulu 2tab.. Read more

Neuro Sensory Hearing Loss

asked by lalit_3k on 8 May 2013 22:29
Hello Doctor my daughter is 5 year old and at age 3 she was diagnosed with Neuro Sensory Hearing Loss. She has moderate to mild hearing loss in both ears.she wears hearing aids everyday.I myself use Ayurvedic medicines for any type of problems.Please advice us Ayurvedic medicine for my little princess.Thanks a lot... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Thank you so much for writing to us and we respect you for taking ayurveda for all your ailments. As far as Sensorineural hearing loss is concerned, the ear of the patient should be examined well followed by tests like Rinne's and webers Only then can an ayurvedic meidcation be prescribed. Currently she is of 5 years and is the best time to start with procedures like Karna poorana which.. Read more

Prescription of ayurved medicine for tinitus hearing loss and giddiness/imbalance

asked by T.R Chandran on 4 May 2013 13:31
Dear Doctor, I have been first having hearing problem in 1990 in my right ear and i used to get gidiness. I tried many ENT specialist but did not get any help. I fell down while shaving without any advance information. In the process i lost 90% of my right ear hearing. I Lastly, i joined yoga class and jal neti and other yogasans helped me to come out of it by 1994/95. In 1998, the the left ear... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Sir We would like to know about your Hemoglobin level, it may also throw some light on your problem But surely ,you may go for Panchkarma procedure called Karna Poorna with Bilwadi tail and some swedana also, You may also take Ayurvedic pack for Deafness Rest eat nutritious meals ,and eat them warm, Do not listen to loud music and if possible try to keep Maun" after 6 p.m best of.. Read more

Hearing loss

asked by var on 29 April 2013 19:47
hello i have my niece who is 2 years 8 months old , the doctors did some hearing test on her and thy found that she cant hear 70 percent of the sound , and thy told the problem is in inner ear , can u please help that is there anyway she can listen wthout hearing aids and transplantation, i mean through mediciens.plzzz help me out... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Saurabh):- Dear sir/Madam, as the age of patient is very less so the chances of recovery are moreFirst of all if the child has on date delivery or not There are many factors on which the treatment would dependDuring the pregnancy period , the mother has taken any strong medication or not? If above mentioned factors are not the cause then please give her Swarnbindu prashan which is to be done every month on the.. Read more

Hearing loss to my 2years son

asked by Nnrao on 28 April 2013 18:37
Hello doctor as i had a son who has Billateral profound hearing loss. so please suggest us a permanent solution and also how can we contact you in personal.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Thank you so much for writing to us. From the details given below, it is not possible for me to come to a definitive diagnsis and suggest you treatments A detailed history of your son is required such as duration, nature, family history and so on. Proper ear check up is also important. Unfortunately currently there is no way you can reach us than through this site. I would suggest yoy to see a.. Read more

Hearing problem and Tinnitius

asked by iranjeet on 25 April 2013 18:45
Sir I am from chandigah,india. I am 21 yr old male. I am suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus.I have shown it to various ENT doctors and all have said that my stape bones are getting fixed and the only solution is the surgery stapedectomy.But there is high risk in this surgery as told by the doctors, and now i am going through a very crucial time of my studies and career and i am very afraid,i... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, I understand how desperate you are with your condition. Please don't worry and this can be resolved. First of all we will have to examine your ear and see what the status is. Following this all procedures will be done. In ayurveda there is a branch called "Shalakhyatantra" which is the ENT part of ayurveda. In this branch there are several procedures mentioned as of.. Read more

Sensorineural hearing loss

asked by areebzee on 21 April 2013 13:02
Hello, My son, 13 years old is been diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss, as per doctor he got this from last 4-5 years. He get always cold. doctor has prescribed to go for hearing aid. Please advise if there is any ayurvedic or homeopathy medicine. He is very small, he has got his whole life ahead, Please help me. thanks and... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Please don't get upset and we can do several things in ayurveda to rectify this issue.Here you can take Nayopayam kashayam and do nasyam with anuthailam.Nayopayam kashayam can be taken at a dose of 30 ml with 10 ml water just 1 hr before food to be taken 3 times a day. Nasyam is pouring 4 drops of anuthailam on each nostril and spitting the medicine out. There are 2 more methods such as.. Read more

Low hearing loss and tintunes problem

asked by manojpadhyar on 5 April 2013 14:11
hello sir, muje 3-4 months se low volume sunai nahi aati hai. koi dhire se mere sath baat kare to muze wo baat or word samaj me nahi ate hai. our muze hamesha koi ring jaisi aawaaj hamesha bajati rahati hai. plz help me...... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Krish):- Use the following medicines for your problem Bhadradarvadi Kashaya- 60ml medicines with 60ml water twice daily before foodMahakalyanaka Ghruthyam -1tsp with warm water at bed timeAswagandha Choornam - 1tsp with milk twice daily after food External Application: Use BalaAshwagandadhi Thailam for massaging on to your head Instill 2 drops of Kseerabala Thailam in each nostril once a day any time Diet.. Read more

Ayurvedic Medicine and Exercises for Hearing Loss

asked by healthysan on 24 March 2013 6:58
I am suffering from 65-70db hearing loss for last 12 years. I want to know if there are any ayurvedic medicine s that help in hearing loss. I also want to know about the yoga exercises that help in hearing... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Guest There are some ways which may help you improve the hearing capacity like BILVADI oil for instilation as ear drops, which lessen the vata ,which may be a leading cause of hearing loss Some herbal mixtures like EAR MEDICINE PACK may help with the same Also try to keep Mauuna VRATA [Silence fast] OFF AND on Pranayam of all types will be very helpful for you best of.. Read more

Hearing loss

asked by Mohammed sinan.i on 22 March 2013 20:14
Dear sir,my having hearing loss since childhood.so that for me 70% hearing loss in both ear right & left.so i want to use ayurvedic medicine.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Thank you so much in writing to us.There are several reasons which can cause hearing loss. Hearing loss in ayurveda is referred by the name "Badhirya". This condition has definite treatment methods. Here you can approach an ayurvedic doctor who is working under " Shalakhyatantra " department. This department in ayurveda deals with Ophtalmology and ENT. After proper.. Read more
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