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Treat coronary artery blockages

asked by jaynewalkar on 31 October 2017 10:36
Namskar. I had my angiography done yesterday. There was one artery with 100% blockage and another with 90% blockage. The cardiologist put a stent where the blockage was 90% and has recommended bypass to treat the 100% blocked artery. I am 68 years old, weighing 66 kgs and 165 cm tall. I live in Australia, do not smoke, drink occasionally and take light exercise including Kapaal-bhati every morning.... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Please do have regular checkups as advised by your treating physician. Please let me know if you are taking any medications prescribed by your doctor. I shall suggest you the basic medicines and it can be reviewed after a month. Ayurvedic medicines like Arjuna kwatham, Divya Kanchanar Guggulu, Triphala Choorna and Jaharmohar pisti can be taken for a month and then reviewed Include fennel, garlic.. Read more

Artery Blockage 90-95%

asked by PoojaGupta123 on 1 February 2017 13:04
Hello Sir, My father aged 66 has been diagnosed with the artery blockage few days back. He had a severe heart attack and after engography it was observed that left artery is 100% blocked for which doc has already done a engoplast and placed a stent in it. his right artery is also 90-95% blocked and one of its parallel vein is also upto 40% block. Doctor has advised him either for Bypass or stent .... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Please follow the advise of your cardiologist. Coronary artery disease is the narrowing of the arteries commonly seen due to atherosclerosis. So stent or bypass has to be done to improve the circulation and to avoid complications. Please make him understand and there is no option to watch and wait as the risk is greater if the surgery is not done. As with the advanced techniques, it gives a very good.. Read more

Coronary Artery Disease and Arjun Chal or Arjuna Capsules

asked by koihai on 23 June 2015 11:19
62 years M diagnosed with 3 major arteries blocked 70 to 100% . Diabetic for last 12 years, B.P. and cholesterol not high but reverse ratio of HDL and LDL. Lost 20m kg in 9 months after first angiographic repots. Followed Dean ornish principles of diet control. Interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in usa and Canada do not agree on treatment best for me because of diffuse nature of... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello Sir, Your positive spirit and enthusiasm is keeping you well in good state of health. Though you are having blockages on higher percentile points, it seems you are keeping well with cardiac functioning. Because, Ayurveda always believe in physical and psychological health in parallel, you can work out in both angles. There is not need to worry or get into depression. You can plan for proper.. Read more

Peripheral artery disease

asked by cho2 thkaur on 14 November 2014 9:17
my father age is 60 years and he is suffering from peripheral artery disease due to diabetes and smoking. Now his sugar is in control and he has stopped smoking. But he cant walk because he feel pain in his legs during walk. I want to know is there is any yoga or treatment which can stop this pain and my father can... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- I am glad that your father has started following the foremost things that will benefit him. Stopping smoking and controlling the blood sugar are vital things. Peripheral artery disease happens when the circulation is impaired and that which commonly happens in the lower limbs is due to intermittent claudification. The pain increases while walking and disappears on rest. So medicines and proper.. Read more

Smear in right hand axillary artery

asked by suniil029 on 4 July 2014 13:23
Dear sir My brother(40) have smear in right axillary artery and Displaced vein. Also it affects the sensation of fingers. Doctor refuses to operate it due to the presence of smear(knot) lesion in vein and brachial nerve. Sir plz mail me can he cure? Thanks Waiting for... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The vascular and nervous changes exhibit mainly neurogenic symptoms. It happens commonly due to repeated injuries and in the repair process, sometimes granulomas or venous collateral circulation happens. It causes paresthesis, pain, swelling and fatigue. Surgery is the only way to correct it. But it can also be managed with some medicines along with external treatments Medicines like Guggulu.. Read more

Complete obliteration in left leg popliteal artery (2.1cm)

asked by amit sabharwal on 11 June 2012 15:01
Respected Sir, I am a 40 year old, 5.5 feet, 78Kg, male suffering from complete obliteration of left popliteal artery (2.1 cm in size) I was a smoker for last 15 years (smoke 1-2 cigarettes daily but didn't do on weekend). I can walk for 200-500 meters without pain and with pain I can walk for 30 mins. I am into a sitting job. Doctors have recommended me bypass surgery of the left... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Yoga can help you in your situation but as it should be done properly so you need to look for good Yoga instructor who can give you classes to sought out your problem, also do.. Read more

Coronary artery disease metabolic syndrome

asked by sati on 27 August 2011 16:36
My relative’s father who has suffered from coronary artery disease, stroke, and he is type 2 diabetes patient. Please suggest some ayurvedic... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Greetings from, Based on your given health conditions of the patient, he may be suffering from metabolic syndrome as he is presenting with coronary artery disease, stroke, and he is type 2 diabetes. There are many risk factors such as overweight, insulin resistance hormone changes, age related, lack of exercises and there are other problems that can make the condition in risk.. Read more

Baba ramdev medicine for artery blockage

asked by Tory on 26 June 2011 18:11
Sir, may I request information on baba ramdev medicine for artery blockage ?, I am thankful to... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The atherosclerotic changes narrows the blood vessel and increases the cardiac risks. The advised medicines and regular checkups must be followed up regularly along with exercise. Please let me know your reports to guide you further. Please do have regular checkups as advised by your cardiologist Cardiac stroke and Coronary artery disease can be taken for a month and reviewed. Include horse gram.. Read more

Baba ramdev medicine for peripheral artery disease

asked by Preeti mishra on 12 June 2011 18:08
I require information on baba ramdev medicine for peripheral artery disease ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More
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Weakness of neurons due to one artery blocked in brain

asked by kunal.patel1211 on 3 December 2010 3:19
hello sir ! my name is kunal.i m from navsari(near SURAT)gujarat. my father has very serious problem.there is blockage of one artery in brain due to that his neurons became weak & now affect their small brain also.we have taken treatment from all reputed doctors.but there is no such the situation becomes very critical day by day.according to last doctor ,that we have take... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Usually if there are blockages in blood vessels that supply brain will lead to some complications which can be managed with allopath medicines and depending up on the situation doctors to try to manage the condition either with surgery or such kind of therapies. So, in your father’s case, there is least to do with ayurvedic medicines, however, with the help of natural remedies, it may.. Read more

My cardiac artery disease

asked by sreedev on 14 March 2010 8:20
Respected Swamiji, Age 61 male,since september 2009. Myo-cardial infarction with multiple artery blockage and PVD in right leg. I am hypertensive controlled with medicines and am also a diabetic, controlled with medicines. My weight is 103 Kgs and height 5 ft. 7in. Weight reduced since attack by about 5 kgs by controlled diet. Not able to walk more than a couple of hundred yards due to pain in the... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello sir, Your problems are multiple and can be listed as 1.Miocardial infarction, multiple artery blockage, and PVD in the right leg2.Hypertension3.Diabetes (controlled with medicine) 4.Weight issue. BMI 35.64.,which indicates obesityAll these problems are interrelated with each other. Though your diabetes and hypertension are controlled with medicines, you can rethink about taking alternative.. Read more

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