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Profuse bleeding from anus

asked by laludeepak on 7 May 2017 23:00
My mother is 85 years.she has profuse bleeding from medicine is being taken except home remedies.nothing seems to be working.can you help... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Haematochezia is term used for fresh blood coming with stools and usually associated with lower gastrointestinal bleed while any rectal fresh bleed which can come with or without faeces is termed rectorrhagia while any black faeces is termed as melena which indicates upper gastrointestinal bleed where hemoglobin is altered in color due to interaction with digestive enzymes and intestinal.. Read more


asked by gopa on 5 June 2015 11:10
Namaskar, I am 52 years of old Vegetarian Man.8 months back, I had an acute pain in my anus, I consult a BAMS Doctor, he suggested me a tablet AMROID TABLETS for three months. Now its over three months. I have stopped that tablets. But I am sincerely telling you that I had not piles problem it was something like infections. Now also I am suffering from mile paining and/or some un-comfortability. So... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Dear Sir, As you mentioned that you have been suffering from pain in anal region and to clarify your doubt, if we say acute pain, it is a type of pain that you suffer instantly. Chronic pain means you get pain constantly or for longer duration. As you said that even after consulting doctor and had Amroid Tablet for three months and still you feel the same pain. Though Amroid is indicated mainly.. Read more

Lower back pain & bleeding from anus

asked by kabu on 25 April 2013 11:50
Age-42, male, back pain at lower left west side it comes goes within one month,no family members have these type disease, now continuing, married 3 children, well sleeping, appetite, urine etc are OK,all other things are... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Lower back pain can occur due to many reason. When you tell that pain is present at the lower left side and goes down,it is never easy to come to a diagnosis. You should be examined and several tests shall be done to confirm what exactly you are suffering from. Sometimes it can be just the muscle twitch that is hurting you.But i would strongly recommend you to consult a reputed ayurvedic.. Read more

Ifeel itching sensation in anus. Mild pain, feels like some cuts have occured.

asked by Kaddy on 26 February 2013 8:05
41 female mild pain in anus area feels like some cuts.blood also came out around 1month back when I was on allopathic medication for sciatica. Apply castor oil for some relief. chronic constipation patient. Not actually constipation. stool is not hard but does not move out without applying pressure.Gas problem since long.sleep normal. no late nights. on bed from 11 to 6. No diabetes BP sugar etc.... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Mam By the symptoms described by you it seems that some Anal fissures have occurred ,also you have been taking allopathic medicine for pain relief but these usually have side effects of Gastric disturbances First of all if you want to apply oil or applying oil like Jatyadi oil ,it will give a lot of relief and also help heal cutsFor other problems you should take Zandu nityam will help you with.. Read more

Genital Warts on anus

asked by muskaan on 29 December 2012 19:00
Namaskar, Age-29 Gender- Female Duration og health problem-1 month Medication Taken- no Test Report-No History- no I have developed genital warts pls. help me i have applied vinegar to it but its not helping and irritating the bump skin badly. Initially they were just two now it has grown in bunch nd size has increased. pls suggest something sometimes it itches bad on whole of my... Read More
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Loose motion with pain in anus

asked by Rajesh Tyagi on 10 April 2011 16:12
Hi, advice is required on loose motion with pain in anus ?, please reply back as soon as... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- There are so many conditions like haemorrhoids, fissures, thrombosed veins, skin infections with itching or burning sensation, ulcerative colitis. It may cause dizziness if there was bleeding. The leg pain could be related to it or otherwise could also due to compression of the nerves. So it is essential to have a check up with inspection and if required some blood tests like haemoglobin with other.. Read more

Internal Hemorrhoids

asked by srini on 5 December 2010 18:14
Blood was bleeding for two weeks, later i consulted the doctor and he suggested me that to take a colonoscopy test. I got a result that i have internal hemorrhoids with Grade III. I am using now ARSOHARA LEHA AND ABHYARISHTA medicines which was suggested by my friend (Ayurveda Doctor). Should it be good and get a good result in 1 month, please suggest me if there is any other way?... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Srini Bleeding piles can be very taxing mentally apart form being Physical problem. there is pain, blood loss --making body weak To manage your condition You should always pay attention that there is no Constipation . To do so always eat fibre rich diet like add roughage-- SALADS,FRUITS ETC Then --Buttermilk of moderate consistency will be very good for you as it Drink of Choice in present.. Read more

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