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Gurps, 5 March 2013 23:10

Dear Sir/Madam,

My email is in regards to weight gain, I have been underweight all my life, a few years ago i was 6ft 3 and weighed just 125 pounds. That is regarded as anorexic even though i ate normally. Now I weight slightly more but still am very underweight. I have lost lots of weight due to acid reflux, and general digestive problems such as ingesting gluten and I am lactose intolerant. I am a strict vegetarian that also doesn't eat eggs.

I have had the a-z of my blood checked out and everything came back negative.

I am going to purchase Aloe Vera juice,Divya Udaramrita Vati,Gashar Churna and Divya Triphala Guggul and probiotics in order to eradicate my digestive problems, this will hopefully repair my stomach.

I have recently bought Ashvaghanda and Shatavari Churna, I'm also considering buying Shilajeet, but am not sure if its safe to take alongside other herbs (please correct me if i'm wrong here). Also is Divya Shatavari Churna safe for men? I think it creates estrogen hence my question.

Please could you answer my above questions and recommend me any additional supplements I should take to facilitate my weight gain and stomach correction/healing process.

I currently weight 150 pounds at 6ft 3, i want to weigh 200 pounds, i am also doing the privithi mudra which i heard helps weight gain. Also I will be starting to eat raw foods only as opposed to conventional foods. By raw foods i mean nuts,sprouted quinoa,rice,oat groats, and not have cooked food.

Please help me.

God bless


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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

thank you for the reply .do not use satavari it does not give any problem to you but it has a good effect in females.taking aswagandha is good it will give you good results .this process may take some more time but it will be effective then any other product .as we have many other products in market but the thing is that they will give you a good and quick result but it will not be long lasting .you will become same after you left them but the ayurvedic product are natural made according to the old ayurvedic books so they will be more better and safe to be use . with regards dr sanjay

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posted by Dr.Sanjay on 13 March 2013 10:46

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Ok sir, what should i do with the Satavari Churna?

With regards to rectifying my digestion, I am taking Wheatgrass,aloe vera and manuka honey before meals, and then after i'm consuming digestive enzymes. In addition, I am going to buy divya Udaramrita, Moti Pishti and Triphala Guggulu. Is this safe and effective?

Lastly, I am thinking of buying Swasth Vardhak, is this safe? Please recommend me other herbs which help me gain weight.

Thank you

posted by Guest on 15 March 2013 16:15


Thank you for your reply, I would rather not go for a fatty diet because i've tried it many times in past and its lead to more health problems. I am trying the raw food diet which is healthier and more efficent.

With regards to Paneer cheese, I'm lactose intolerance so can't digest milk products.

Is Satavari Churna safe for males?

I am currently taking Ashwaghanda in morning and evening with almond milk, I'm considering taking Satavari in conjunction with Ashvaghanda to aid the weight gain process.

posted by Guest on 10 March 2013 17:29

as per your problem .no need of tking satavari churna .you should go for weight gain cap.with gastric trouble package along with that go for bhram rasayan tsp twice daily .to gain weight it should be clear that you should take more fatty diet but that should not be more spicy and should not be cooked more or fried .also you can go for more proten diet that it paneer cheese butter and all.your digestion is not good thats why what ever you eat does not make you gain weight .once it will become fine you will be good . with regards
dr sanjay

posted by Dr.Sanjay on 6 March 2013 20:46
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