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vats, 19 December 2013 18:27

My name is ankush..meri age 27 years h..mujhe 1 year se left ear se loudly sound sunai deti h..left ear k thoda upr se ringing ki sound h jo all head m hoti h....jb Ye problem start hue thi tb mujhe cold or servical ki problem thi....mene ENT specialist ko check kraya to meri nose se ear vali tube block btayi ..doctor ne exercise btiyi...but jyada relief nhi hua...last m doctor ne left year TINNITUS brats....bhut medicine khayi but fayda nhi hua...ear k sare taste kr va liye h sb normal h....city scan bhi normal h.....plz mujhe right medicine btaye...m es sound se so nhi pata hu...jb kabhi head m pain hota h to Ye sound or bd jaati h....

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Based on your query, it is clear that you are having tinnitus which is happening due to possible imbalance in equilibrium in your inner ear and as doctor said, there are chances of blockage. More over you had the issues with cervical spondylitis which is also causing tinnitus indirectly. There are other reasons like nutritional deficiencies which may also causes tinnitus. Hence in order to control this, you can follow some medicines that gives proper nourishment even to the nervous system. You can consume basil leaves daily with palm jaggery.

Following medicines are helpful such as Diva Sarivadi Vati and Amla Juice which are helpful for your condition.

You can practice yoga and pranayama and particularly Bramari pranayama and anulmo viloma pranayama which are helpful in your condition.

If you have history of smoking or alcohol consumption, you need to stop it. Avoid exposing to cold climate, and maintain proper hygiene and do not use ear buds more frequently.

There are some medications like Ashtapatram oil which can be applied over scalp which also helps to relieve tinnitus.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 20 December 2013 21:30

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Sir,mera naam anoop my 3 year se tinntus ke problem hi my ent doctor ko consult keye koi faida nahi hua ab mere kaan me kafe jada avaj ate hi plz koi madicine bateyie.

posted by Guest on 23 April 2018 18:20

Hi I m suffering from tinnitus in left ear for the last two years.l also have cervical and vertigo problems.please advise me some remedies accordingly.

posted by Guest on 7 November 2017 17:18

I m border security force.But I m suffering tinnitus scenec form 2 years.It is affected to me by yearly firing at firing range.I checked up my ear problem to ENT surgent but not sucsessful result.Now I m suffering in my ear problem.Pls suggest to me for solving tinnitus..

posted by Guest on 21 January 2015 19:49


Tinnitus can arise due to many causes like ear infections , age related degenerative changes , long term exposure to loud noises , temperomandibular joint disorders, head injuries , hypertension , severe anaemia ,psychological causes , as side effect of certain medications . So identifying the cause is most important in giving you a long lasting cure . If you get recurrent ear infections or sinusitis then that has to be corrected first for cure . Anyway you can consult an Ayurvedic ENT specialist for detailed evaluation and therapies . As general measure you can follow proper diet , medications and some internal medications . Lifestyle : Avoid head bath late in the evening and early morning when it is very cold ,late night sleep ,sleep during day time . Use luke warm water for head bath.Practice regular Pranayama. Diet : Reduce usage of cold food ,cool drinks , carbonated drinks, excess sweet items ,curd . Medications : 1)Divya Sarivadi Vati 1-0-1 with luke warm water after food . 2)Triphala Keram : External application on scalp 30 min before bath thrice a week.

posted by Dr.Parvathy on 1 September 2014 7:17

Hello, For the condition of tinnitus the medicines which will be helpful are Bhadradarvadi kashaya- Take 30ml of this with warm water daily two times before food. You should also take 1 spoon of Aswaganda choorna with warm water at bed time daily. The other medicne which will be useful areDivya Sarivadi vati. This can be taken as one tablet daily morning and evening with warm water after food. For applying on head you can use Balaswagandadi tailam. Apply Rasnadi choornam on your head soon after taking bath. The treatment of Karnapooranam and nasyam will also be required for this condition for getting complete cure. You can consult an Ayurveda physician for doing these treatments. Avoid using cold food items,ice creams and exposing to cold wind, Avoid sitting in Air conditioners and direct exposure to fan. Never use ear buds in your ears. Take bath only in hot water.

posted by Dr Roshan on 30 August 2014 19:24

Sir mera naam rakesh h mere left kaan me tinnitus ringing sound aati h please mujhe aurvedic dawa batayen aur konsa yoga karna chahiye please reply me soon

posted by Guest on 29 August 2014 18:50
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