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praveenkc, 19 January 2015 11:56

Hello , I am praveen from Bangalore. I had kidney stones in sep 2013 and removed through surgery. Now again, I have two stones ie 5.5 MM on left and 6.7 on Right Kidney. There is fatty liver and Bosniac type -2 cyst on right Kidney as per Ultrasound scan report.

I do not want to under go surgery or lithoscopy again which was painfull and I spent 80,000 for this removal of stones.

Is there chance that I can remove using ayurvedha for 5.5MM and 6.7 MM stone through ureter or Is there way to disolve stones and then pass it through URINE.

How to resolve fatty liver and bosniac cyst 2

Please suggest.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, You have recurrent problem with tendency of forming renal stones along with some other associated problems like fatty liver. Usually in Ayurveda if the stone size is lesser than 8 mm, there are chances that it can be dissolved with Ayurvedic medicine, however this depends on the site and number of stones present. In your case, there are only two stones and below 8 mm in size and I feel these stones can be dissolved with the help of strict diet and Ayurvedic medicines. As there is general tendency of forming of stones, it is important to control your diet in terms of eating Spinach, Brinjal, and reduce milk and milk related products in excess. As a home remedy, you can have barley water, and plantain pith juice as a special supplement, even these home remedies are helpful in treating fatty liver condition and renal cysts.

Following medicines are indicated in your case such as Nilstone, Bangshil are indicated and Liver-Kidney Care capsules one-one after food twice daily.

If you are drinking less water try to increase the quantity and as mentioned above, you can take barley water.

Yoga poses like Uttanapadasana, Pawanamuktasana, Surynamaskara, Meditation, anulomaviloma pranayama are helpful and you can practice meditation in Vajrasana posture.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 1 July 2015 11:31

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