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BASUDEV, 11 December 2010 17:37

Presently my wife is facing problems as below. utrasound report shows a cyst of 40mm in right overy along with other associated problems. Frequent headec, nausa, sudden fever, lower abdomen pain, after intercourse pain, thick white liquid discharge, no interest in sex, low apetite, always fatigueness, back pain, leg pains, sudden vomitting sensation, alergy, inflamation at the time of urination ,contineous nausa and vomiting sensation, pelvic pressure at the panty border line.

Left frontal sinus -polyp is also there as per X-ray report.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


As your wife is suffering from ovarian cyst, there are possibilities of infection and her other complaints are related to vaata. As your complain that she is suffering from dyspareunia or painful intercourse and white discharge that suggests general body weakness. The other complaints are mostly related to general body weakness and nutritional deficiencies. Probably her burning urination and nauseas and vomiting indicates that she is probably suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease which you have to take care of her. It is better to avoid intercourse till she recovers from her problem. There is nothing to worry otherwise. There are certain medicines which you need to give for the same problem.

Following medicines such as Package Medicine that contains certain medicines for her complaint. She can consume Phal Dhara as health tonic.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 5 December 2012 12:57

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Hi Sir,

I have been operated for Bartholin abscess a month ago. Please tell me the foods to avoid I have itching in the pelvic region during night. I wash with hot water and take sitz bath with Betadine solution every evening before I sleep Please suggest me food and medicine to avoid this problem again

posted by Guest on 15 February 2017 15:29
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