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Motheroftwo, 8 September 2017 22:09

Hi I am 39 yrs old married female overweight and having thinning hair since many years too. I have high blood pressure n anxiety since past 3 years ...I have been taking atenolol half tablet Everyday. Anxiety is there since many years but much better now. I exercise 4 to 5 days in a week for roughly 20 mins My Mother died of blood cancer in the age of 59 My Father has high blood pressure but is overall for and active I have done eye lasik surgery before . 7 to 8 yrs before. Periods are normal .have 2 kids aged 13 and 7 yrs old Recently diagnosed with bleeding internal piles too... I came to know about patanjali divya Mukta vati through a Friend and Ibought those tablets I want to start taking the tablets asapbut I am scared of side effects and also not sure about the dosage. Also should I start taking Mukta vati and stop taking atenolol immediately? Or how should I gradually start replacing Please advice me about the exact dosage and how to stop my current medication. ,y Bp lingers from 120 to 130 and 80 to 89 pulse around 80 to 92. Please advice thankyou.

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Divya mukta vati is advised for high blood pressure. The dosage is decided based on the reading. It can be taken as two to three tablets twice daily after food. It contains ingredients like aswagandha, jatamamsi, arjuna, guduchi, sanka puspi, vacha, jyotismati, puskaramula, sarpagandha and mukta pisti. Sarpagandha has a sedative effect which will improve the quality of sleep. Please let me know your blood pressure reading and whether you are taking any allopathy medicines for blood pressure Medicines like Divya Arjuna aristam - 25ml twice daily can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Yogasanas like Marjaryasana, Paravatsana, Shavasana, Mandookasana, Padmasana, Shaskasana, Pranayamam and meditation will be beneficial if practised every day. Stress must be reduced by doing any hobbies or group sports. Please do have regular checkups as advised by your treating physician.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 11 September 2017 23:04

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Hello, Divya mukta vati is antihypertensive and anti depression medicine. The main ingredient in mukta vati is sarpagandha which controls the blood pressure effectively. Start taking one tablet twice a day and continue taking it with milk for a month an hour after meal ideally or an hour before meal, It can also be taken empty stomach in the morning. Meanwhile gradually decrease the atenolol dosage gradually and parallely as body is adapted to atenolol so dosage should be decreased accordingly. If still blood pressure is not maintained, increase the dosage to two tablets twice or thrice a day. Ideal blood pressure should range between 110-130mmHg/ 80-90 mmHg. Fluctuations are usually seen in hypertensive patient. Practising pranayam has a soothening effect like kapal bhatti, anulom vilom, bhastrika and bhrahmari along with yoga poses like trikonasana, halasana, bhujangasana.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 11 September 2017 12:35
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