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alok18, 2 January 2012 6:00

Baba ji meri age 19 saal hai. baba ji mera kan k parda patli ho gye hai . aur parda kan k ander k parda se chipka gya hai. jis say muje day- by-day kam suni de raha haiiiii.........

Baba ji plz help me...............

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


As per your given description, you are possibly suffering from tympanic membrane perforation problem and there are many reasons for the same. When you are not maintaining hygiene, or if you are getting cold and cough, or sinusitis very often, there may be chances of middle ear infections, and if these Middle ear infections are recurrent, there may be pressure variations in middle ear and due to which your tympanic membrane will get disturbed and ultimately there may be perforation, and as Tympanic membrane’s action is to transfer sounds, and gradually when tympanic membrane is not functioning well, you may get temporary hearing loss or deafness and the reason would be tympanic membrane error. In order to rectify hearing impairment due to tympanic membrane issue, you may need to consume some medications which are herbal origin and these medicines are helpful to prevent infections and to prevent spread of infections and mainly to enhance hearing capacity. Following medicines are helpful such as Otorrhagia and Deafness Pacakge Medicine which contains Divya Sarivadi Vati, Divya Chandraprabha Vati, and Divya Shilajit Rasayana Vati are helpful medications.

With regards, Dr.Vijay.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 2 January 2012 11:13

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babaji namaskar jay bharat babaji me 25 year old hu mu je nind me bolne ki aur chalne ki bimari hai khabhi kabhi to bhot jor se chilatahu , ab muje bhot sharam aati he Plz babaji meri sahay kijiye isme muje kuch malum hota nahi he

posted by Guest on 27 March 2012 22:49
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