Can I use Silajit Capsul in High BP this question feed

bappa_labpur, 8 August 2017 16:30

My name is Siddhartha and I am 38 years old, I suffer in high BP from last 5 years. I continue take medicine for my High BP. So, my quotation is, Can I intake the Shilajit capsul? If, it is possible, then what is the proper dosage for me.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, Divya shilajeet rasayan vati or Divya shilajeet sat which contain shilajeet as main ingredient has adaptogenic herb thus helping the body to cope with excess stress by inhibiting stress related receptors. Shilajeet thus can be taken to reduce stress associated hypertension and should be taken in dose of 125 mg preferably with milk. Along with this, other ayurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- Cardimap- one tablet twice a day with luke warm water twice a day. Divya mukta vati

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posted by Dr.Kanika on 11 August 2017 12:08

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