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puk, 26 August 2015 12:07

i have severe pain during menstruation since 20years....i hv cyst both ovary from that time....i did homeopathy and cyst was no more but my pain wad there...then i did alopethi for many years they gave me birth control pills and that time my period is irregular also....they gave me flaxon pain killer...that time my cyst are agin come with both's not cured.... i get married and my period is reggular but unbearable pain is there...i have to take 4-5 pain killer a day and fever will come on that days...heavy and clots bleeding is there...i get married on 2012 and i got operation on 10.2.2014 .Treatment - Laparotomy with adhesiolysis.Findings - laprotomy done.Adhesiolysis done as much ad possible. Bilatral ovarian cystic leisons punctured and contents sucked out. Uterus A/V bulky restricted mobility. Both tubes and ovaries couldn't be seen as they formed a dense mass with uterus, bowel and omentum.Gr. - IV endrometrosis seen. doctor gave me lupride for 3 months just after operstion....though my problms are not solve and i am in same position.I did sonography on 25.42015 and the result...uterus neasures 7.8cm left ovary cyst 5.0cm and right ovary cyst 3.5cm...adenomyosis is there.After that i started patanjali vaidhya's medicine and my recent report is 17.72015...uterus - 81.0mm in long axis and 49.1mm in thickness.An ill-defined echogenic area is seen in posterior wall without definite capsule measuring 24.2× 23.2mm.Endometrial thickness is 3.4mm.Right ovary cyst- 35.8×24.7mm and left ovary cyst is- 50.8 × 40.9mm.Impression: Bulky uterus with posterior wall focal adenomyosis.Bilateral ovarian cysts-? Chocolate mother had an early menopause otherwise no one have such question is can i conceive?? i know it's very long story i write but pls. help....pls.i am 35years old

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Endometriosis especially Grade 4 is a cause of concern for infertility. It causes scarring, blocked fallopian tubes, damage to the ovaries affecting the quality of the eggs. Ovarian cysts alone of a smaller size do not affect fertility. Fibroids sometimes affects fertility, but it varies in each person based on the type, location and the site of the fibroid. The subserosal variety affects the fertility based on the size. Fever is also a sign of the inflammation in the pelvic organs. Infertility treatment is also individualised in each person. So please do have regular checkups.

If the structural changes are considered as a cause, it requires surgical correction which will help you to conceive. In some cases, other advanced treatments like IVF may be advised based on your tests.

There are Ayurvedic medicines to improve the chances to conceive, but it is necessary to understand the cause before advising the medicines. Age is also a factor and after 35yrs, it also starts to diminish the quality of the eggs. Please let me know all the results including the harmonal blood tests and the opinion after you consult your gynecologist, to guide you further. Please do have regular checkups.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 28 August 2015 13:24

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Thank u blood test done on 17.7.2015 and the result is....T3 -87.32 T4 - 7.10 TSH 3RD GENERATION - 5.165.AMH done on 28.4.15 is 1.8. Duri g AMH test i am not on ayurvedic medicine....Vaidh ji give me...Kantakari juice,Falaghrit, Stree rasayan vati. Kanchanar guggul.And a mix of S.sindur-2gm.giloy-20gm.p.pisti- 10gm. m.pisti- 4gm Kaharwa-10gm.P.mendur-20gm V.vadhika- 20gm from last 5months i am on ayurvedic medicine.Vaidh ji told me if i wll not conceive till nov. then he will change the medicine.I have full faith on ayurvedic and i am much better now my cyst size is also decreased but slowly i loose my case is it possible to concive??? pls ans..

posted by puku on 4 September 2015 7:21
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