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Shaan440, 24 June 2018 8:14

Sir mere dost ke sar me blood clotting he jiske wajah se use bahut jyada headache hota he. Usne baad me MRI scan karwaya to pata chala uske brain ke left side me blood clotting ho gaya he. Ek baar wo gir gaya tha to kisi chot ki wajah se aisa ho gaya he doctor ne bola. Par jo medicine unho ne prescribe kiya he wo jyada effective nei he. Pls koi solution bataiye na kyun ki wo sar dard se pura pareshan ho gaya he. Pls sir help.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Please let me know the other details like the blood sugar level, blood pressure and the symptoms. Also let me know the allopathy medicines that he is taking. I shall suggest you the basic medicines that we normally advise.

Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Dashmool kvath, Yograj Guggulu and Divya Ajamodadi Churna can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Dhanvantaram thailam can be used for a gentle massage. Panchakarma treatments like oil massage, head massage, leaf poultice, rice poultice, nasya and shirodhara will be beneficial.

Include berries, turmeric, coriander, olive oil, avocados, cinnamon, ginger and garlic. Reduce excess refined flour, canned foods, raw salads, salt, sugar, oil, meat and carbonated beverages. Rehabilitative exercises must be practiced everyday as advised to improve the muscle tone.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 10 July 2018 9:54

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