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Uvi, 9 July 2012 12:55


I have son (age 4yrs 7 months)is suffering with mild AUTISM and ADHD. We are working with different therapies and allopathy from last one year and not seen much improvement. We would like to go for ayurvedam treatment, can you please guide us about the medicines and dosages....thanks in advance

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, The mental and physical development is altered in autism and ADHD. Decreased dopamine levels leads to poor neural connectivity which further deteriorates the learning ability of child. Ayurvedic medicines can be given to improve the mental growth while many physical activities like listening music, swimming and yoga should be done to develop physical skills. Ayurvedic medicines recommended are- 1.Continue the divya medhavati 2.Brahmi rasayan-one tablespoon with luke warm milk twice a day after meals. 3.Mix equal amount of jatamansi churan, shankhpuspi churan and pipparmoola churan and take one tablespoon of mixture twice a day with luke warm water after meals. Shirodhara and shirobasti with ashwagandha oil has a calming effect while nasya with anu tailum or shadbindu oil should be performed under parental guidance.

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posted by Dr.Kanika on 31 July 2017 15:21

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Attention deficit disorder is a common problem seen in kids due to the deficiency of dopamine or poor neuronal connections in the brain. Autism is seen in kids with severe difficulty in social interaction. Those kids need extra support to overcome the deficits like less attention span or doing things slowly. These medicines will help to improve the function of the brain.

Ayurvedic medicines like Sarasvata aristam and Brahmi Ghrit can be given twice daily for a month and then reviewed.

Include almonds, pomegranate, turmeric, spinach, avocados, ghee, dark chocolate and basil. Reduce excess oil, canned foods, carbonated beverages, caffeine, sugar and salt. A good support from the family, outdoor activities like playing cricket, good sleep and playing musical instruments will be beneficial.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 28 July 2017 17:31

Hello sir My son have some problem he is just 10years old. He takes too much time in brushing, bathing & eating his food. He never constrate on his study. When he start reading the book within 1min his mind goes other side. He is very confused about letters ( like b is & d is b) in hindi he mix the punjabi words. He is very slow in writing also, due to this region his all classwork & homework are always pending. Every time he think about playing. He can't listen in one time in his class & at home. We tell him again this is wrong & this is right. Every time he beat & bite his elder sister. He eritate and become angry very quickly. When he goes to bed for sleep he trying to sleep on stomach side & start rubing his LING become big. At the time of study he etching his legs & hands. He also says their is pain in legs below knees. Some times he says that their is pain stomach. I had consult the Doctor he told me the problem of ADHD. This time I amgiving him 2teb in morning & evening of Medha Vati. Now please tell me which best medicine i giev to him. Also suggest the diet to eat for him.

posted by Kinni wppu on 26 July 2017 10:27


My son is undergoing speech and OT therapies. Also he is following allopath medicine & advice from allopath doctor. We heard ayurveda is giving good resulus in making them more capable of understanding the things, please guide us on complete ayurveda medication. Thanks In Advance

posted by Uvi on 10 July 2012 10:35

It is a developmental disorder which appears in first 3 yrs. of child's life that affects the brain's normal function, development, affects social & communication skills as well.

After identifying the root cause treatment would be behavioural therapy also called Applied Behaviour Analysis(ABA), medications, occupational therapy, physical therapy, & speech & language therapy.

In ayurveda, there are some internal & external treatments BUT it is better to follow allopath medicine & advice from allopath doctor, later on there may be good chances to improve the condition with ayurveda.

You can give some simple remedies that can be followed now such as VACHA churna with honey. Dosage should be 3 pinches of VACHA churna mixed with 2 drops of honey.

posted by YogaGuru on 9 July 2012 13:30
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