Alternative Medicines

What is alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine can be simply defined as the way of treating health ailments using any technique other than the mainstream i.e. allopath – modern medicinal science. It does not fall under the category of conventional medicinal system. Before modern drugs existed, the mankind used to utilize different methods to tackle stubborn and acute health problems including their signs and symptoms. Other than chemicals and synthetic derivatives, alternative medicine uses herbs, flowers, earth, soil, magnet, water etc. to alleviate health problems.

Therapies and treatments under alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is basically an umbrella term that includes a lot of other therapies and treatments. Most famous among all include Ayurveda (ancient Indian healing system) and Herbalism. Chinese medicine, naturopathy (using natural elements to cure diseases), Massages (application of natural/herbal solution onto the body and rub it in a particular way), Aromatherapy (using flower extracts), Magnet therapy (using magnets), Color therapy (using different color shades), Home remedies (using kitchen and garden ingredients), Hydrotherapy (using water), and Mud therapy (using mud and soils) etc. are also very popular.

Many health care providers include holistic exercises as alternative medicine such as yoga, meditation and Pranayama since they all do not use any synthetic product or ingredient. Alternative medicine has its own importance and surprisingly, there number of people undergoing alternative medicines one or the other way are much more than patients on modern medicines and treatments!

Alternative medicine benefits and advantages

Alternative medicine treatment generally uses natural medicine to heal health ailments. That is why, it is also called as complementary medicine. Even today, a large number of natural health care providers use traditional medicines to treat different kinds of health diseases. There are some advantages of alternative medicine treatment over modern medicines such as…

There are some other benefits that come with alternative medicines for health ailments cure such as…

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